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New Michael Vick documentary details how Donovan McNabb recruited him to the Eagles

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Check it out.

Bleacher Report recently released a documentary about Michael Vick. The 49-minute video is well-done and covers a lot of Vick's past, including his playing career and his incarceration for dog fighting. You can watch the entire feature in the video embedded above this post.

Part of the documentary details how Vick ended up in Philadelphia. Former Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb, who once tried to get Vick to replace him at Syracuse, shared the details of his recruitment conversation.

"I remember one ... I think it was a Saturday, my financial guy called. And he was like 'Hey, I want you to talk to somebody.' And I was like, 'Talk to who?' And he's like 'You'll like this man. You've talked to him enough. He needs your help.' And I'm like 'Alright, well who is it?'"

"And then I heard him in the background, and I'm like 'Seven!' and we start talking. 'What's your goals? What do you want to do? And he's like 'I gotta get back in.' I said, 'Do you want to get back in, or do you want to get back in and take over?' And he told me, he said 'Five, I want to take the game back over.' I said, 'Well, how about this ...' and I shot a bullet in the air. I said 'What if I talked to Andy [Reid] about bringing you back in, getting back on your feet, learning the game and how to be a professional, and then see what happens?'

And he stopped, and he was like 'You would do that?' I said 'Why not? I take care of my brother.' And he was like 'I would love that.' I talked to Andy and Andy had that same reaction. He said 'Are you serious?' and I was like 'Yeah.' I said, 'Hey, he's like my little brother.' I said, 'I think it would be good for him but it would also be good for our team.'

Of course, Eagles fans know how the story goes from there. Vick remained mostly as a backup until the team tried to thrust Kevin Kolb into a starting role. When that flopped, Vick took over as the starter in 2010. Though plagued by inconsistency, Vick provided the Eagles with some special moments such as the Miracle at the Meadowlands, the Monday Night Massacre, and starring in Chip Kelly's strong NFL debut.

More importantly than anything, though, Vick came to Philadelphia and left as a changed man for the better.