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Eagles News: Howie Roseman ranked as the NFL's worst "general manager"

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Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 7/19/16.

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Let's get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

NFL GM rankings: Is your club thriving or crashing under its leadership? - Sporting News
Roseman returns to the roost after being displaced by Chip Kelly, and the pressure to come though was immediately back. He spent much of the offseason trying to clean up Kelly's messes but created a different one at QB, spending too much money on Sam Bradford and too many draft picks on Carson Wentz.

The Eagles will probably be timeout wasters once again - PhillyVoice
Wasted timeouts were a common occurrence from 1999-2012, when one Mr. Andrew Walter Reid was the head coach in Philly, and they're probably coming back. In the last three years in Kansas City, Andy Reid (mostly) would call the plays, and they employed a two-step process getting the play call to the huddle. Reid would give the play to former Chiefs offensive coordinator Doug Pederson, who would then make the call to quarterback Alex Smith on the field. Unquestionably, the "whispering down the lane" approach cost the Chiefs at least a few extra second pre-snap on every down.

The Swamp Fox Dies - Iggles Bitz
So Campbell helped the Eagles win their final NFL title and got them to their first Super Bowl. How is this guy not considered a saint or something like that? He really does have a remarkable place in franchise history. There is another legacy for Campbell. The Eagles were a mediocre to bad defensive team for the 20 years prior to his arrival. Once he came in and established the Eagles as a defensive force, that stuck around. Look at the 1985 Eagles defense. Three of the best players were Reggie White, Wes Hopkins and Andre Waters. Ever heard of them? They went on to star for Buddy Ryan and Bud Carson. Mike Reichenbach, Buddy’s MLB for 3 years, played for Campbell.

Lawlor: A Head Coaching Comparison -
Pederson made enough money as an NFL player that he had the luxury of doing what he wanted after retirement. He decided he wanted to stay part of the game of football so he tried his hand at high school coaching, taking the job at Calvary Baptist in Louisiana. That convinced him that he wanted to do more, so he pursued an NFL job and got hired by Reid to become a quality control coach with the Eagles in 2009. Pederson's coaching career got a huge boost because of his playing days, but he still had to prove himself. He did the grinder work that many young coaches do when first becoming part of an NFL staff. Rather than letting it bother him, Pederson loved what he did and it only strengthened his desire to stay in the NFL. This is not always the case with former players. More than a few of them don't understand all of the prep work and research that assistant coaches have to do on a weekly basis. Football practice and gameday, the fun stuff, are only a small part of the average week of work.

Pederson Will Be Tuned Into Defense - Birds 24/7
A head coach’s headset is limited to two channels on game day, Doug Pederson explained. There are three options —  offensive coaching staff, defensive coaching staff and quarterback — so there’s a decision to be made. As was Andy Reid’s custom in K.C. (and for portions of his time in Philly), Pederson has opted to go with the first two, leaving it to Frank Reich to communicate with the QB. But Pederson calls the plays, meaning that in order to get a call in, he has to relay it to Reich who in turn relays it to Sam Bradford (or whomever is under center) who then relays it to the rest of the offense. That seems like quite a process, particularly when you’re dealing with West Coast verbiage like shift to halfback twin right open, swap 72 all-go special halfback shallow cross wide open.

Can Eagles learn from the Chip Kelly era? -
According to a person familiar with Kelly's thinking, however, Kelly only changed his mind about coming to the Eagles after it was agreed upon that he would be allowed to bring in his own personnel guy, which ended up being (at the time) San Francisco 49ers director of player personnel Tom Gamble. Kelly deciding not to come to the Eagles unless he could bring a guy he trusted is key, and sent a loud message -- he was coming, but he was skeptical of the people he was coming to work with.

Eagles Better or Worse 2016: Offensive Line - CSN Philly
The Eagles replaced one guard for sure. Brooks takes over for Matt Tobin on the right side, who often looked completely overmatched. The job actually belonged to Andrew Gardner, who was at least adequate prior to suffering a season-ending injury in Week 3, but Brooks is a huge upgrade — literally and figuratively. At 6'5", 335 pounds, he's a massive man, and the fifth-year veteran was beginning to show Pro Bowl potential as a member of the Houston Texans. Installed between Johnson and Kelce, Brooks could take his game to the next level here.

Domowitch: Vermeil, Jaworski mourn Campbell - Daily News
A BURNED-OUT Dick Vermeil did Marion Campbell no favors in January of 1983 when he abruptly resigned as the Eagles' coach and recommended to owner Leonard Tose that Campbell replace him. Vermeil left Campbell, who passed away last week at the age of 87, an aging team that was on the decline. Many of the key players who had helped the Eagles make it to the Super Bowl in 1980 were either gone or on the downside of their careers. "His head coaching experience (with the Eagles and twice with the Atlanta Falcons) never was what it could have been because he was always taking over for somebody who left or got fired," Vermeil said Monday. "His teams were always run down.

2016 season preview: Philadelphia Eagles - PFF
Despite issues in pass protection, the Eagles’ O-line finished second only to Dallas in run-blocking grade a season ago, which bodes well for the team’s lowest-ranked position group. Ryan Mathews produced a slightly-positive rushing grade in over 180 attempts the last two seasons, with solid elusive ratings both years; over that span, he forced 29 missed tackles on the ground and gained an average of 2.7 yards after contact per rush. Behind him, Darren Sproles should see plenty of snaps while splitting time on special teams (seventh-best punt-return grade in 2015), but he’s 33 years old and coming off of a career-low receiving grade with a notable decline in elusiveness. In 138 combined offensive touches last season, Sproles forced just 12 missed tackles after forcing 24 misses in 97 touches in 2014. If that downtrend continues this season, the team’s fifth-rounder, Wendell Smallwood (West Virginia), could be the beneficiary. Smallwood posted the 11th-best rushing grade among draft-eligible RBs last season.

Players and Police: A Summit in Austin - The MMQB
At the University of Texas, the NFL’s Emmanuel Acho and Fozzy Whittaker joined Austin’s police chief and others in a panel to foster better understanding between cops and African Americans, and lead more athletes to take an active role in working for change

Tillman announced his retirement with an odd video - SB Nation
This is pretty great, if also a little (a lot) strange. Basically three solid minutes of him walking around knocking crap out of people's hands, followed by him literally punching the clock and him literally hanging his cleats up. Surprised he didn't try calling something a career or wrapping something up. Regardless, we enjoyed it. We think. Bye, Charles.

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