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Cowboys' leaked NFL Draft board shows Dallas thinks very highly of Carson Wentz

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Jon Durr/Getty Images

For the third time since 2010, the Dallas Cowboys have had their entire draft board leaked after the fact. (How does this keep happening?) Blogging The Boys has a complete breakdown if you're interested in looking at the entire thing. BTB also wrote a disclaimer about how we can't know if it's the official draft board for sure, but signs point to it being true.

For what it's worth, only three of the players who were drafted by the Eagles were also on the Cowboys' board. The biggest name of note, of course, is none other than quarterback Carson Wentz. Dallas seemingly had Wentz ranked No. 7 overall on their board, which is five spots behind their No. 1 player: Ezekiel Elliott. Wentz, the top quarterback on the Cowboys' board, was also ranked two spots ahead of Jared Goff at No. 9.

Though the Cowboys have publicly claimed Elliott was the top player they wanted at No. 4, there are some reports that suggest he wouldn't have been the pick if Wentz was available to them. Leading up to the 2016 NFL Draft, there was a lot of speculation about the Cowboys liking Wentz. Then after the Eagles officially selected the North Dakota State quarterback, it was reported Dallas loved him and would have taken him at No. 4. Further evidence suggests the Cowboys were in strong pursuit of a quarterback on draft night. Dallas tried to find a way to trade up for Paxton Lynch but failed to do so.

Reports aside, it's no secret that the Cowboys have a long-term need at quarterback. Tony Romo turned 36 this offseason and he's dealt with injury issues in recent years. Dallas has no viable replacement plan for him.

If Wentz is successful and Romo falters, the Cowboys will sure be kicking themselves for not being more aggressive about trying to get him. In that respect, Wentz's potential success will be doubly sweet for Eagles fans.

The other two Philadelphia players listed on the Cowboys' draft board include: Eagles third round pick Isaac Seumalo and seventh round pick Joe Walker. The Cowboys had Seumalo listed as a fourth rounder while they agreed with the Eagles on Walker's value.