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Mailbag: Comparing Eagles players to Pokemon characters

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Eagles Q&A.

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Welcome to the latest edition of the Bleeding Green Nation mailbag. Each week I'll be taking some of your Eagles questions and answering them in this post. We already answered some of your inquiries on the latest episode of BGN Radio (click HERE to listen). Now it's time for some more Q&A. Let's get started.

@Thesk4 asks: What Pokemon would Fletcher Cox be? Carson Wentz? Sam Bradford?

Very topical question. I stopped playing Pokemon after Crystal but I'm only going to use the first 150 for this answer.

Fletcher Cox is Dragonite. He's big, rare, powerful, and fast.

Carson Wentz is Magikarp. He's useless right now as a third string rookie but he has the potential to be pretty good when he evolves into his starting form: Gyrados.

Sam Bradford is Bellsprout. Really skinny and no one is afraid of him.

But why stop here? Jon Dorenbos is obviously Alakazam since he's good at magic. Big Beau Allen is easily Snorlax. Connor Barwin is Machamp because he's jacked. Jason Peters is Kangaskhan because he's big, strong, and fights to protect what's in his pocket.

If you have any good Pokemon comps, please share them in the comments below this post.

@mike_e_kaye asks: Do the Eagles have the worst CB vs. WR battles on paper in the NFL? Sure equally matched but neither is a very good unit.

Mike Kaye ... why does that name sound familiar?

I do think the Eagles are worse off at receiver than cornerback. Jordan Matthews is the only player the Eagles can really count on. And even then, Matthews dropped at least nine passes last year. So it's not pretty. As I wrote recently, Philadelphia desperately needs one of the young guys (Nelson Agholor and/or Josh Huff) to step up.

I'm not so down on the cornerback position. First, I think the cornerbacks will benefit from having good talent around them. The Eagles should have a good pass rush under Jim Schwartz. Having Malcolm Jenkins and Rodney McLeod behind them is also a big help.

The Eagles aren't completely devoid of talent at corner. Leodis McKelvin was once a first round pick. He's struggled with injuries but he's only two years removed from a four interception season. The veteran defensive back looked really good in spring practices. I'm bullish on him. At least, he can be a solid starter. The second cornerback job could come down to Eric Rowe versus Nolan Carroll. Rowe showed good potential at the end of last season. Carroll was solid for most of 2015. It's not like the Eagles have a bunch of studs at corner, but I don't think it's one of the worst situations.

@EaglesJake asks: Other than Cox, who is the Eagles surprising defensive MVP at the end of the season?

I have to pick Bennie Logan. I might as well be Bennie's official hype man at this point, but I really do believe he can be pretty good. Fletcher Cox is going to draw a lot of attention and that's going to give Bennie the chance to shine. He has the potential to be a better pass rusher than people realize. Most Eagles fans already recognize Logan is good, but I think he'll get more attention on a national level this year. He has every reason to be motivated as he's entering a contract season.

@ErniePurcell asks: Excited for Fletcher Cox/Brandon Graham/Vinny Curry in the 4-3, but am I crazy to think Connor Barwin could have a down year, at least statistically?

I don't think you're crazy, Ernie. I wrote about this earlier today.

While Curry and Graham are expected to benefit from Philadelphia's scheme change, it remains to be seen how Connor Barwin will be impacted. Barwin has been a key member of the Eagles' defense for the past three seasons. Now he'll moving from 3-4 outside linebacker to 4-3 end. Part of Barwin's value as a linebacker is being able to drop into coverage. He was actually asked to do that quite often when Bill Davis was in charge. But now he won't be doing that as much because Schwartz wants his ends to attack the quarterback. Barwin isn't completely new to the 4-3. He played the position during his first two seasons with the Texans. Still, it remains to be seen how effective he'll be in Schwartz's scheme.

It's not that I think Barwin is a bad player. The issue is that he's been an inefficient pass rusher in the past. Pro Football Focus has shown that he generates a low amount of pressure relative to the snaps he plays.

@EvanSchmidt_ asks: Prediction on the 2016 Na Brown award winner?

Byron Marshall seems like the perfect candidate to me. He wasn't able to attend spring practices so he's kind of a forgotten player right now. He should get plenty of opportunities to impress this summer given Philadelphia's lackluster running back situation. Marshall could easily be the this year's version of Raheem Mostert or Henry Josey.

@TriumphMcCloud asks: If it meant the Eagles would win the Super Bowl, would you kill a bald eagle with your barehands?

No. You're not even going to be able to enjoy the championship knowing that it came at the price of you killing such a majestic creature. You won't be able to live with yourself. Not to mention that: you'll probably get hurt while doing it, you could get fined up to $250,000, and/or you could spend two years in jail.

@BMontageX asks: Team-wide minigolf tournament, who wins?

Sam Bradford is apparently a really good golfer. He's had a lot of time to work on his game since he's never led his team to the playoffs. (Obligatory troll comment!)

As a bonus, Bradford just got married to a former college golfer. I'd bet on him.