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Eagles News: Doug Pederson expects to deactivate Carson Wentz on game day

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Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 7/17/16.

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Let's get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

Doug Pederson says Carson Wentz likely to be inactive on game day - PhillyVoice
They're so dedicated to their patient approach, in fact, that Wentz probably won't even be active on game day initially, according to head coach Doug Pederson. "Typically, the third quarterback is down," said Pederson. "It’s hard right now to look down the road, but if we had to play this week, Carson would be down. He’d be the third quarterback. He’d be deactivated. That’s probably the direction we’re heading, I would think is going that route. Obviously barring injury and, as you know, how this game is, but typically the third quarterback, whoever that is, is down on game day."

More on Ben & Wentz - Iggles Blitz
Should the Eagles try to force Wentz onto the field at some point? I think the coaches have to view this as a fluid situation. How does Wentz look at the beginning of Training Camp? How does he look in the preseason? How is he later in TC? Wentz’s level of play will be up and down based on how the coaches use him and the complexity of the situations he’s in. He might look dominant in the 4th quarter of the preseason opener when he’s going against third and fourth stringers. He then could look terrible in practice a few days later when going against the starting defense. The coaches have to be able to see the real Wentz and decide where he’s at.

Eagles Wake-Up Call: RB Depth Chart Analysis - Birds 24/7
By pretty much any metric, Mathews had an outstanding season last year — when he was on the field. He ranked second among running backs in yards per carry (5.1), and he was tied for 12th in rushing touchdowns even though he ranked 44th in carries. Mathews ranked eighth in the NFL last season in rushing DYAR, Football Outsiders’ metric that values performance compared to the replacement level, adjusting for situation and opponent. In his six NFL seasons, Mathews has played all 16 regular season games just once, averaging 12 contests per year. That means the Eagles will likely have to rely on at least a couple of other running backs, which is where the depth chart gets messy. Mathews is the clear-cut No. 1 back, but Sproles, Smallwood and Barner could reasonably be arranged in any order after him.

Who's on the hot seat in all eight NFL divisions - ESPN
Sam Bradford's seat isn't just hot -- it has an actual expiration date. After the Eagles moved up in the draft and took Carson Wentz with the No. 2 pick, Bradford knew his days were numbered. No matter how he performs, he's ultimately going to lose the job to Wentz. That could be this year, could be next year, but the date is coming soon.

Reggie White, J.J. Watt among best defenders I've ever seen -
White used his famous hump move to get off blockers and sack quarterbacks. Like Bob Lilly, he was just a naturally strong guy. He had great quickness off the ball, and his speed helped him make many plays on quarterbacks trying to escape. He never slowed down in his play. When I was with the Cowboys, we played his Eagles teams six times -- and lost all six. (I don't think we blocked him very well.) I remember meeting with him at a hotel in Los Angeles and attempting to convince him -- in vain -- not to sign with the USFL coming out of college, but he spent two years with the Memphis Showboats. Despite losing years to the USFL, White still finished with 198.0 career sacks. And, of course, he famously boosted the Packers' defense as a free agent in 1993, somehow elevating his play even higher in the postseason.

Chalk Talk: Why Vinny Curry Could Break Out -
Andy Benoit joins Fran Duffy on this week's Eagle Eye in the Sky Podcast and tells us why he thinks Vinny Curry could have a huge season...

Eagles 2016 training camp battle: Fullback - CSN Philly
We'll start off looking at Trey Burton, who has been on the roster as the third-stringer for the last two years. During that time, he's excelled as a special teamer but has played limited snaps on offense and has just three catches. The 6-3, 225-pounder worked at fullback some this spring, but wasn't with the ones. Chris Pantale was. After spending his first two years with the Jets, Pantale joined the Eagles' practice squad for the 2015 season, but now has a new opportunity thanks to Pederson's new offense. At 6-5, 254, he's not the prototypical size for a fullback, but that doesn't bother Pederson.

Mo Wilkerson contract used Eagles' Fletcher Cox deal as framework -
The Cox deal was the primary framework for what Wilkerson wanted. And $17 million per year was the magic number for Wilkerson's camp. Wilkerson got it, just as Cox did. Their guaranteed money at signing figures are also very similar — $37 million for Wilkerson and $36.299 million for Cox.

Kirk Cousins will have to settle for making $19 million in 2016 - SB Nation
Washington and Kirk Cousins did not reach terms on a long-term extension before the deadline on Friday, meaning the quarterback will play the 2016 season on a one-year deal under the franchise tag. The franchise tag will guarantee Cousins makes $19.953 million in 2016, which made a long-term deal something that Washington could've benefited from. While it would mean committing to Cousins for a few years, it would have allowed the team to spread out the cap hit and avoid a nearly $20 million commitment in 2016.

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