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NFL Supplemental Draft 2016 results: No one was picked

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Well, that was uneventful

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

The 2016 NFL Supplemental Draft is already over and you probably didn't even realize that it began. Not a single one of the six players eligible for the event was drafted. This means that all of the players are now undrafted rookie free agents free to sign with any team.

The available players include: Virginia Tech long snapper Eddie D'Antuono, Purdue defensive tackle Ra'Zahn Howard, Sam Houston State running back Jalen Overstreet, Mississippi defensive back Tee Shepard, Calgary wide recever, Rashaun Simonise, and Concordia defensive end Cameron Walton.

BGN draft writer Ben Natan profiled all of these players earlier this week. He thinks a few could be of interest to the Birds. We'll see if they sign any. The Eagles currently have two open roster spots so they don't need to cut anyone in order to make room for a signing(s).

Now that the NFL Supplemental Draft is out of the way, there's really nothing else scheduled to take place on the NFL calendar before training camp starts in less than two weeks on July 25. It'll be here before you know it.