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Eagles rank as one of the NFL's most valuable teams

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How much are the Eagles worth?

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles are once again one of the most valuable sports teams in the world. According to Forbes, the Birds are currently worth $2.4 billion. That's a 37% increase from the franchise's worth last year: $1.75 million. It's also more than the $1.314 billion the Eagles were worth in 2014. To put these numbers in perspective, consider Jeffrey Lurie bought the Eagles in 1994 for "only" $185 million. Seems like a decent investment.

The Eagles are now the 17th most valuable sports franchise in the world. That's a two spot increase from last year's 19th ranking. Despite this increase, the Eagles were actually leapfrogged by other NFL teams. Philadelphia's position as the seventh most valuable NFL team in 2015 dropped to ninth this year. The eight teams ahead of the Eagles include:

1) Dallas Cowboys - $4 billion (No. 1 overall)

2) New England Patriots - $3.2 billion (No. 6 overall)

3) Washington Redskins - $2.85 billion (No. 8 overall)

4) New York Giants - $2.8 billion (No. 9 overall)

5) San Francisco 49ers - $2.7 billion (No. 10 overall)

6) New York Jets - $2.6 billion (No. 13 overall)

7) Houston Texans - $2.5 billion (No. 14 overall)

8) Chicago Bears - $2.45 billion (No. 16 overall)

The Eagles are once again the least valuable team in the NFC East. Or the most affordable, depending on how you look at it.