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Desmond Bryant Injury: Browns sack leader reportedly out for 2016 season

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Bad news for Cleveland.

Scott R. Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

Training camps haven't even begun yet, but some NFL teams are already losing key players to injury. Browns defensive end Desmond Bryant is reportedly out for the 2016 NFL season, according to a report from Anthony Lima of 92.3 The Fan. Bryant's injury reportedly occurred over the weekend.

Bryant led all Browns players in sacks in 2015 with six. He finished second on the team in 2014 with five. Football Outsiders recently named Bryant as Cleveland's most underrated player. His injury is a significant loss for the Browns.

The Eagles are scheduled to play the Browns in Philadelphia's Week 1 home opener on Sunday, September 11. The Eagles are already big favorites to beat the Browns. Cleveland went 3-13 last season and they're expected to be bad again this year. Losing one of their best players certainly doesn't help.