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Eagles' Jon Dorenbos blows away 'America's Got Talent' with another amazing magic track

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Pretty awesome.

Eagles long snapper Jon Dorenbos made a strong impression during his first appearance on NBC's America's Got Talent earlier this summer. Dorenbos was even more impressive in his second appearance, which aired on Tuesday evening. Watch the entire performance in the video above.

Dorenbos impressed the judges so much that Ne-Yo pressed the golden buzzer, which means that Dorenbos will advance straight to the live shows. It's a big honor.

The first live show of America's Got Talent is scheduled for Tuesday, July 26. Veterans are scheduled to report for Eagles training camp one day later on Wednesday, July 27. It remains to be seen how the 36-year-old Dorenbos will be impacted if he continues to advance in the competition. It's worth noting the Eagles signed undrafted rookie free agent long snapper Jon DePalma to an "unprecedented" amount of money relative to his position in order to compete with Dorenbos.

In the meantime, Eagles players are loving the performances Dorenbos is putting on.