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Eagles Mailbag: Go back in time and change one of Philadelphia's draft picks

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Eagles Q&A.

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Welcome to the latest edition of the Bleeding Green Nation mailbag. Each week I'll be taking some of your Eagles questions and answering them in this post. As always, thanks to everyone who sent in a question. We already answered some of your inquiries on the latest episode of BGN Radio (click HERE to listen). Now it's time for some of the ones we didn't already address. Let's get started.

@Swaveyy721 asks: If you could go back and change one draft pick who would it be?

I can already hear people shouting "EARL THOMAS!" after reading this question but that's not my answer. I'm also not going to take a quarterback because that's also too obvious and boring.

So with that said ... I'd have the Eagles take Anquan Boldin instead of Jerome McDougle in the 2003 NFL Draft. Yes, Anquan Boldin. (BOLDYN!)

Why Boldin? First, because he's the Truest Eagle of all time. For real, though, the Eagles lacked receiver talent back then. (And still do.) Donovan McNabb having both Boldin and Terrell Owens to throw to could have been what was needed to help the Eagles finally achieve that elusive Super Bowl win. Or at least that's what I'll tell myself.

@JSnyder0306 asks: Where do you see JaCorey Shepherd fitting in coming off injury with offseason additions. Does he make this team?

I was really impressed by what I saw out of Shepherd in spring practices and early in training camp last year. The rookie showed great ball skills. With that said, he's not a lock to make the roster this year. In fact, I don't have him making the team on my latest 53-man projection. I have him on the practice squad instead, though I do think another team would claim him off waivers.

The Eagles will likely keep five or six corners. Three of those players are locks: Leodis McKelvin, Eric Rowe, and Ron Brooks. Nolan Carroll and Jalen Mills are arguably locks as well. That potentially leaves one corner spot open. Shepherd will be competing with the likes of Denzel Rice, Randall Evans, Aaron Grymes, and C.J. Smith. Of that group, I actually think Rice could beat out Shepherd. Rice looked very good this spring while Shepherd wasn't even able to practice.

I wouldn't completely rule out Shepherd just yet, but he needs a strong summer. He also needs to prove he can stay healthy in order to make this year's final roster.

@VVergamini asks: How do you see the offense fairing this upcoming season?

Not great. The offense simply lacks talent. Sam Bradford isn't an inspiring starter. And even if he's playing well, his injury history is always a concern. At running back, Ryan Mathews is talented but nearly guaranteed to get hurt. There's no real full-time player behind him. The wide receiver position is thin even if Nelson Agholor is able to play, which is unclear. The Eagles improved their offensive line with the addition of Brandon Brooks but the health of Jason Peters is a big question mark. Tight end is really the only position on offense where the Eagles are set.

I do think there is some reason for optimism on offense when it comes to improving upon last year's terrible performance. The Chiefs offense ranked 15th, 12th and sixth in DVOA over the past three years. The Chiefs also finished sixth, 16th and ninth in scoring. Those are some decent numbers. If the Eagles can be at least average on offense this season, that would be a step in the right direction considering Philadelphia finished as a bottom 10 offense in terms of DVOA and yards per play last year.

@D_Tomei asks: How many wins can you see the Eagles getting this year, and how do they place in the NFC East?

I'll say they finish 6-10 and place third in the division. The defense will prevent the team from being flat out horrible while the offense will prevent the team from being consistently good.

@KidDynamite16 asks: What is your ceiling and floor record wise for this years Eagles?

I see 5-11 as the floor and 9-7 as the ceiling for reasons I explained in the previous answer.

@pinchmysquid asks: Would you trade for Josh Gordon? If so what or who would you give up?

It'd be very hard to count on him to be able to play. Not much.

@WeGotDemarco asks: If Ben Simmons is a bust, who will Philly hate more, him or Sam Bradford?

We won't know if Simmons is a bust or not long after Bradford is gone.

@TheMikes_ asks: Have you ever seen Sam Bradford's bare shoulders?

In person? I don’t think so. But there’s this picture I found through Google.