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Here's where Sam Bradford ranks compared to all 32 NFL starting quarterbacks


Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL offseason is all about arbitrary lists and filler content, so what better way to pass the time than by arguing how the league's starting quarterbacks stack up. Jason La Canfora ranked all 32 starters into seven tiers.

1) Bona fide franchise quarterbacks
2) Top pros, proven winners
3) The rising stars
4) The guys that can be winning quarterbacks
5) Guys, veterans and place holders
6) Good luck with these guys
7) The verdict is out

Can you guess where presumed Eagles starting quarterback Sam Bradford ranks? No, it's not seventh. That final tier is saved for rookie quarterbacks Jared Goff and Paxton Lynch. Carson Wentz would be there too if he was projected to start. If you guessed the sixth tier for Bradford, you are correct.

"Few men have made more money for doing less," writes La Canfora. "Oft-injured and very rarely productive."

Other quarterbacks in the sixth tier include Tyrod Taylor, Robert Griffin III, Brock Osweiler, Ryan Tannehill, and Blaine Gabbert. Not exactly great company.

I'm certainly no Bradford defender, but you can argue he's being too harsh on the Eagles' veteran passer. Bradford, by definition alone, is effectively a placeholder for the Eagles as they groom Wentz to replace him. So you can argue he belongs in the fifth tier along with the likes of Alex Smith, Ryan Fitzpatrick, and Jay Cutler. Not that that's really something to be proud of.

It's really hard to put Bradford higher than fifth. How can you argue he belongs in the fourth tier (guys that can be winning quarterbacks) when he's never had a winning season to his name?

A look at Bradford's ranking compared to other NFL quarterbacks is a sobering reminder of why expectations for the 2016 Eagles are relatively low. The hope is that the future is more bright with Wentz waiting in the wings.

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