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Eagles News: Philadelphia has the NFL's oldest offensive line (possibly)

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 6/29/16.

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Let's get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

NFL age inventory: Offensive line - PhillyVoice
We'll see if that changes. The Eagles drafted Isaac Seumalo in the third round of the 2016 NFL Draft. He has yet to practice with the full team, as his school (Oregon State) runs on the quarters system, which hurts his immediate chances to start. Still, Pederson said that Seumalo will be working specifically at LG, where Barbre is the only player in any danger of losing his spot. That's a good sign for Seumalo to have a legitimate chance to win that job. Should Seumalo (22) win the starting LG job, he would lower the Eagles' average age considerably. They would go from an average age 29.2 to 27.2, and would be tied for 22nd with the Bills.

Unforgettable - Iggles Blitz
If you judge Buddy simply on results, he did fail as Eagles coach. I think that is way too simplistic. You need context to understand the impact Buddy had. The NFC East was the best division in football when Buddy arrived. Dallas won the division in 1985 and had controlled the NFC East for most of the previous two decades. The Giants were building a great team and went to the playoffs in 1984 and 1985. The Skins had played in a pair of Super Bowls in recent years, winning one, and had some great teams.

Buddy Ryan's Legacy Lives With Eagles -
The Eagles needed a jolt. Four straight losing seasons rendered the franchise relatively irrelevant in the NFL and then-Owner Norman Braman wanted impact. Enter James David "Buddy" Ryan in 1986 ...

Buddy Ryan, RIP: He was ferocious, funny, played some mean racquetball, offered to get me a date with a "Bay Watch" actress and there’s always the wine list story - Mercury News
There really wasn’t any obvious reason, that I could tell, for Buddy Ryan to feel comfortable with me when I was just out of college, 21 years old, and beginning to learn how to be a sportswriter in Philadelphia during Ryan’s second season with the Eagles. I guess he liked that I’d just graduated from Northwestern, where he used to practice with the Bears when he was their defensive coordinator. He mentioned that right away when I was introduced to him; he said Northwestern students are usually smart, and he hoped I was, too.

Dinner, wine and laughs with Buddy Ryan, who made football fun again - CSN Philly
All Buddy wanted was a restaurant with a world-class wine list. That’s what he told former Eagles beat writer Tim Kawakami in September of 1990. Buddy was in his fifth and what would be his final year as head coach of the Eagles, and Timmy — Buddy’s favorite beat writer — had left the Philadelphia Daily News a few months earlier to join the Los Angeles Times. As it turned out, the Eagles were scheduled to face the Rams in Los Angeles in late September, and Buddy told the beat guys that we’d all be going out to dinner with him and Timmy the night before the game. When the head coach tells you you’re going to dinner with him, you don’t question it, you just say yes.

Classic Buddy Ryan Videos - Birds 24/7
Philadelphia and the NFL lost one of the game’s most colorful and impactful characters today, as Buddy Ryan passed at the age of 85. Here are some moments that were influenced by that gigantic personality.

Bill Lyon: Buddy Ryan loved his brand of chaos - Inquirer
He was the architect of chaos and he gloried in it. He was earthy and profane, a blunt, bullying genius in the gladiatorial arena of professional football, all bluster and bravado, and as subtle as a forearm shiver, and certainly no candidate for a diplomatic post. But Buddy Ryan, who died Tuesday at 85, revolutionized the fine art of the carnivorous defense as it had been played in the National Football League. It was based on a simple, immutable mathematical equation: Bring one more than they can block.

Former Eagles head coach Buddy Ryan was one of a kind -
Ryan was as much fun to cover as any coach in any sport, because of that unpredictability. In his first minicamp with the Eagles in 1986 he referred to former first-round pick running back Michael Haddix as someone who "looks like a reject guard from USFL.'' He called starting linebacker Dwayne Jiles "an old washer woman.'' And it just got better from there, and so did the Eagles.

The humor of Buddy Ryan: His 10 greatest quotes - ESPN
"QBs are overpaid, overrated, pompous bastards and must be punished." That was an actual quote from Ryan’s playbook.

Buddy Ryan, defensive architect of 1985 Bears, dies at 85 - Chicago Tribune
His relationship with former Bears coach Mike Ditka was equally volatile. Ryan and Ditka had to be separated by players in Miami at halftime of the Bears' only loss of the 1985 season. When Ditka was hired to coach the Bears by George Halas in 1982, it was under the condition that he retain Ryan as defensive coordinator. Ryan had been in Chicago the previous three years, and as the 1981 season wound down, Page and Fencik wrote a letter to Halas asking that Ryan not be fired.

Reflections of Buddy Ryan - Dan Pompei
I still can smell the smoke from his pipe. And I still can see the sign behind his desk: "If you ain’t the lead dog, the scenery never changes." Buddy Ryan was the lead dog, alright.  As a strategist and motivator, he was without peer. I’m not sure there has been another defensive or offensive scheme in the time I have covered the NFL that was as difficult to contend with as Buddy’s 46 defense.  Opposing offenses had to no idea how to block it, and really didn’t start to catch on for several years. How fortunate was I to have had Buddy explain it to me?  Once in awhile, he’d even have some of us writers up to his office at the old Halas Hall and put on some game film (it was actually film in those days—not tape).

Buddy Ryan was a product of the past, but his legend will live on - Yahoo
Professional football has changed in many ways since members of the Chicago Bears defense lifted Buddy Ryan off the Superdome’s artificial turf and onto their shoulders 30 years ago. Quarterbacks have been protected by the game’s rules more as the dangerous effects of concussions have become clear. Bill Belichick’s buttoned-up approach has turned assistant coaches into staff members who should be seen only on Sundays and not heard in the media during the week. The evolution of pro offenses, particularly Bill Walsh’s West Coast scheme and its multi-receiver sets,  made Ryan’s 46 defense a relic by the late ’80s.

Rex Ryan's statement on the passing of his father Buddy Ryan -
Buffalo Bills Head Coach Rex Ryan has issued the following statement on behalf of the Ryan family. "On behalf of the entire Ryan family, we want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their sympathies, prayers and warm thoughts with the passing of my dad. He was many things to many people--outstanding coach, mentor, fierce competitor, father figure, faithful friend and the list goes on. But to me and my brothers Rob and Jim, he was so much more. He was everything you want in a dad--tough when he had to be, compassionate when you didn't necessarily expect it, and a loving teacher and confidant who cherished his family. He truly was our hero."

Right tackles are becoming more important in the NFL, but they still fall short of left tackles - SB Nation
Eagles right tackle Lane Johnson, whose average annual cap hit of $11.25 million is closer to that of a top left tackle, is paid so highly, in part, because the expectation is that he'll shift over to left tackle at some point in the near future. For now, though, Johnson is probably nearly as valuable to the Eagles as his counterpart on the left side, Jason Peters.

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