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NFL approves practice squad changes for two seasons


Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL practice squad. Who cares about that thing, right? The 10-man unit is usually filled with fringe football players who aren't quite good enough to belong on a team's actual 53-man roster. It provides teams with some extra practice bodies to keep around, hence the name. But the practice squad is more than just that. It also houses some developmental players.

Two years ago, the NFL and NFLPA agreed on extending the practice squad from the old limit of eight players to the new limit of 10 for just two seasons. It appears that agreement has been renewed for the next two years.

Even better news for teams and players is that there are now four spots for players who have two accrued seasons. The limit on that used to be only two. This means that players with more NFL experience will have more time to be practice squad eligible.

For more details on who is and who isn't eligible for the practice squad, read the rules here. The important thing to know is that all Eagles rookies (drafted and undrafted) are eligible to make it. That's significant for the Eagles this year because some of their late round picks might make it on the squad.

Here's BGN's current projected practice squad for the 2016 season: RB Byron Marshall, OL Malcolm Bunche, OL Darrell Greene, WR Cayleb Jones, WR Marcus Johnson, LB Myke Tavarres, DT Aziz Shittu, DE Alex McCalister, CB C.J. Smith, CB JaCorey Shepherd

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