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Frank Reich clarifies his comments about Sam Bradford and Eagles quarterback competition

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Comments made by Eagles offensive coordinator Frank Reich in an interview on 94WIP last week made headlines when he suggested Sam Bradford isn't necessarily Philadelphia's No. 1 quarterback. Reich has since clarified his comments while still suggesting there's a quarterback competition.

"I said there’s order, and the order is Sam’s No. 1, Chase [Daniel] is No. 2, and Carson is No. 3," said Reich via Zach Berman of The Inquirer. "But you compete every day at practice. That’s the same — Jason Peters is the No. 1 left tackle, and so on and so forth — and it’s the same at every position. I would never change that. Sam’s No. 1. Chase is No. 2. Carson is No. 3. And you compete every day."

Reich then went on to praise Bradford's performance during the team's spring workout program.

"Sam hasn't only been good in OTAs, he's been great" Reich said via Dave Spadaro. "His production, everything about the way he has performed in OTAs has been, and it's not an overstatement to say this, off the charts. He's really been good."

The feeling here is that Reich could be trying to undo any potential damage made by last week's comments by going out of his way to praise Bradford so strongly. Or maybe the coaches are genuinely just that impressed by Bradford.

For what it's worth, I don't think Bradford has been that great in spring practices so far. Many will claim I'm biased against him, but I'm not saying he's been terrible. He's just been average overall; some fine days and some bad days. Not unlike his performance on the field throughout his career during the regular season.

I still fully expect Bradford to be the team's starting quarterback in Week 1 this season, barring injury. He hasn't been perfect in OTAs but I think he'll look better in training camp and preseason, similar to how he did last year. By then he'll have had more time to dig into the offense.

At the same time, I don't think it's impossible he could lose his job if he struggles and either Chase Daniel or Carson Wentz look really good. That's not the likely outcome, though.

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