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Eagles News: Ben Roethlisberger thinks Carson Wentz can succeed in the NFL

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 6/19/16.

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Let's get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

Big Ben: Small school doesn't matter, Carson Wentz can excel in the NFL - CBS Sports
"You know, people do make a big deal about the small school, and his school is even smaller than Miami was, a MAC school," Roethlisberger told Talk of Fame Network's Clark Judge. 'But I think what you look at is: What did he do at that school? Yeah, maybe the competition level wasn't that great, but it's not like he just went out and had a winning season. He won national championships for that school ... and that's pretty impressive.... "If you look at what Carson did in college, a lot of it ... he's not afraid to get under center ... he did it. He can drop back and pass. He can do the play-action stuff. He can do the boots and nakeds -- things you just don't see a lot of in typical college football for the most part. There are still teams that do it. But I think he's as prepared as anybody because of the type of system he played in and the work that he put in to get himself NFL ready."

Eagles have NFL's least amount of available cap space in 2017 and 2018 - PhillyVoice
Sam Bradford: As Bradford himself acknowledged, his time as the "the guy" in Philly is short after the Eagles traded up and selected Carson Wentz with the No. 2 overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft. His cap number is $22,500,000 in 2017, $13,000,000 of which the Eagles will save if he is released, $17,000,000 if he is traded. On the financial end alone, it is extremely unlikely Bradford will be on the team in 2017.

Tulloch a Target? - Iggles Blitz
Tulloch will be hitting the market soon. Should he be a target? That’s a bit of a complicated question. The simple answer is yes, the Eagles should talk to Tulloch. The problem is that they need him as a backup and Tulloch sees himself as a starting LB. After looking at some depth charts, there are teams out there who could offer Tulloch a chance to start.

Jim Schwartz's defense is all about pressuring quarterbacks and intimidation - ESPN
It’s all about pressuring quarterbacks: Buddy Ryan used to say he got the idea for his jailbreak "46" defense from his former boss, New York Jets coach Weeb Ewbank. After watching Ewbank obsess over ways to protect his quarterbacks, Ryan figured a defensive coach should be just as obsessed with disrupting quarterbacks. When he was head coach of the Eagles, Ryan’s defensive coordinator was Jeff Fisher, who went on to become head coach of the Tennessee Titans. Schwartz spent almost 10 years as a defensive assistant on Fisher’s staff in Tennessee. So the X’s and O’s have evolved over the past 30 years, but the guiding principle -- get to the quarterback -- has remained the same.

Roseman explains why offseason spending spree differs from Eagles' last 2 - CSN Philly
Roseman, his powers restored after a year in exile, has shed the Eagles of most of Kelly’s big-money acquisitions and tried to reshape the roster with young players the Eagles can build around. Whether that leads to a return to the NFL elite after seven straight years without a playoff victory — and 55 years without a championship — remains to be seen. But on Thursday, Roseman spoke at length about his plan for the roster and what makes the Eagles’ latest spending spree different from the last two.

Ranking Howie Roseman's 10 biggest signings with Eagles -
1. BRANDON BROOKS - What makes Brooks the best signing of the bunch? To start, it filled one of the biggest needs on the roster in offensive guard. Second, Brooks is the right combination of young, dependable but also with potential. Finally, Roseman gave Brooks a deal that has very manageable cap hits, with only one of the five years going over $10 million.

Chalk Talk: How J-Matt Fits -'s Matt Harmon joins Fran Duffy on the Eagle Eye In The Sky Podcast to talk about the wide receiver position and how Jordan Matthews fits in the Eagles offense in 2016 ...

Origins of major sports drafts -
Football's draft dates to 1936, after then-Eagles owner Bert Bell argued within the sport for an alternative to the waiver system created in 1934. Bell contended that the league needed a way to ensure competitive balance - that the worst team in the league would have the best chance to improve by selecting the best available college talent. The waiver system favored those teams that could afford to pay top money for players, leaving teams like Bell's Eagles at a disadvantage. On May 19, 1935, the NFL's club owners gathered in Philadelphia and instituted the first player draft. The Eagles selected Heisman Trophy winner Jay Berwanger with the first pick, but he didn't sign an NFL contract, instead pursuing a career outside football.

It’s baby season in the NFL - SB Nation
There seems to be a baby boom during the NFL offseason.

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