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See what the Philadelphia Eagles did and didn't do well

Last season, the Philadelphia Eagles were terrible at passing in the red zone and good when rushing on third down. Discover more using the Trend Finder.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

As if I weren't busy or nerdy enough, I gleaned from Pro Football Reference every play from the 2015 season (40,000+) and dumped them into the viz below.  I've always loved PFR's "Finders," but had always wanted a better way to visualize what I saw.  So here is my attempt to do that.

I had the idea to do this back when Chip Kelly was still head coach, hoping to use historical trends to project future ones.  Now that Kelly and his coaching staff are gone, I'll have to wait a bit longer.  At the very least though, we can visualize how the Eagles offense and defense performed in specific game situations, and compare to other teams and league averages.  Maybe results for the Kansas City Chiefs will provide some insight (however small) into what we can expect from the Eagles offense next year.

Play with the viz to see what insights you can discover.  Admittedly there is A LOT to sift through.  Here are a few I found for the Eagles:

  • Passing in the red zone was horrendous, especially attempts over the middle (26.7% completion, 0.3 yds/attempt, sacks skew this a bit though).
  • When calling upon the rush on 3rd down, the Eagles got first downs 57% of the time, above the 42% league average. Pretty good.
  • Rushing defense in the red zone on third down was pretty solid, allowing first downs and touchdowns around 17% of the time, each, respectively.  Both are better than league averages (31% first down, 21.7% touchdown).
I hope to update this after each week of the season, so check back.  In the mean time, what else can you find?

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