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Walter Thurmond is really having fun with this Dick Mahoney thing

Pretty funny.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

We were first introduced to the legend of Dick Mahoney earlier this week when Crossing Broad realized that former Eagles safety Walter Thurmond has been playing in a softball league under a secret alias. Since then, however, Thurmond has "denied" that he is Mahoney. Instead, he merely claims to be Dick's "agent." Thurmond recently appeared on CSN Philly to talk about the status of his "client."

Pretty funny that CSN dedicated five minutes of actual TV time talking about this Mahoney thing. Thurmond said his "client" is leaving softball but still has some interest in playing soccer.

The Mahoney thing goes even further than this TV interview. It appears Thurmond has also created social media accounts for his alter ego.

A photo posted by Dick Mahoney (@dickmahoney) on

"I don't need to stretch, but when I do I'm ready for everything." -Dick Mahoney @nike #WhatWouldMahoneyDo #WWMD #staylimber

On one hand, it's cool that Thurmond is having fun in retirement. On the other hand, it would have been cool if he was still playing because seeing a bunch of customized "Mahoney" jerseys on game day would be excellent.

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