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Philadelphia Eagles won't have to travel too far in 2016

Good news?

The Philadelphia Eagles have one of lighter travel schedules this upcoming 2016 NFL season. According to a study from CBS Sports, the Birds will travel a total of 11,186 miles. That figure ranks as the eighth shortest travel schedule overall. Here's the entire Eagles travel map, via Pro Football Reference. I added team logos to each destination to make things a little easier to visualize.

Will lesser travel distance help the Eagles win more games?

Travel distance isn't super meaningful or anything, but it's not necessarily insignificant, either. Then again, the Eagles finished 7-9 last season despite having the league's shortest travel schedule. Maybe they would have been even worse if it was longer.

Travel distances

Here's a look at the Eagles' road games ranked in order of distance. Click here for the entire Eagles 2016 schedule.

1) Seattle Seahawks: 2,377 miles
2) Dallas Cowboys: 1,313 miles
3) Chicago Bears: 664 miles
4) Cincinnati Bengals: 501 miles
5) Detroit Lions: 443 miles
6) Washington Redskins: 113 miles
7) Baltimore Ravens: 88 miles
8) New York Giants: 85 miles

Other NFL teams

Check out CBS Sports to see the entire list. Here are some highlights.

• The Los Angeles Rams are set to lead the league in miles traveled - 37,072.

• The Pittsburgh Steelers will travel the least miles of any team - 5,138.

• Around the NFC East: The Dallas Cowboys rank 15th longest (17,784), the Washington Redskins rank 19th (16,256), and the New York Giants rank 22nd (15,162).

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