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This story about former Eagles safety Walter Thurmond is incredible

This is really something.

The headline of this post might be a little obnoxious, but I promise you I'm not overselling anything here. This story about Walter Thurmond is legitimately great. So, Crossing Broad got a tip that former Eagles safety Walter Thurmond, who retired from the NFL earlier this offseason, has been spending time in Philadelphia playing softball under the alias "Dick Mahoney." For real. More background below.

A reader sent us a forwarded email detailing the legend of Dick Mahoney. According to the message, Mahoney was a friend of a friend, who was "sending vague emails on [the Bishop’s Collar softball team] softball thread about how he’s bringing some kid named ‘Mahoney’ onto the team, that Mahoney is one of the best softball players he’s ever seen, and that we should all be excited about Mahoney."

The author expected any ol’ Delco dude, but instead got Dick Mahoney, who "looked like Eazy-E circa 1988: black dude with a Jheri curl hairstyle, LA Dodgers shirt and hat." In his first two games, the story goes, Mahoney hit seven home runs (and it would’ve been eight if he hadn’t overrun the lead runner on the base path). A real-life Steve Nebraska, if you will.

Crossing Broad also received a photo of "Mr. Mahoney" hanging out with other members of the team. They also realized Thurmond's girlfriend posted this picture on her Instagram, which basically confirms the whole thing.

A photo posted by Tiffany Rethwill (@tiffcherie) on

Dick Mahoney: Pro slo-pitch softball player, circa 1987. #jerrycurl #moderndaythrowback #warmup

It's cool to see that the 28-year-old Thurmond is having fun in retirement. Not only is he a softball superstar but he's also dedicating more time to his film career.

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