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Eagles fans are extremely happy that Chip Kelly was fired

The results are in.

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A recent poll by Public Policy Polling shows that a plurality of Pennsylvanians favor the Steelers over the Eagles, that Eagles fans prefer Sam Bradford to start over Carson Wentz, and that a vast majority of Eagles fans approved of the firing of Chip Kelly. The poll asked 1,106 registered voters last week on 33 questions, which spanned a variety of topics.

Public Policy Polling is a North Carolina based polling firm that rose to prominence in 2008 with it's highly accurate polling and predictions of the Presidential primaries and elections. PPP routinely does state by state polling that asks a mixture of political and completely non-political questions and does so with their tongue firmly in cheek.

PPP usually polls fan preference and coach approval ratings, and this was no different. The poll found that Pennslvanians prefer the Steelers to the Eagles 40/29. The firing of Chip Kelly was approved 72/7, while the hiring of Doug Pederson received a 48% approval rating. Sam Bradford edged out Carson Wentz as the preferred starter 35/31, with Chase Daniel receiving 9% and 25% not sure of who they want to start.

In other sports, the Pirates edge the Phillies as Pennsylvania's most favorite team 36/33, which was the margin of error. Phillies manager Pete Mackanin got a 56/7 approval rating, Penn State fans gave James Franklin a 43/18 approval and Joe Paterno 49/29, and Jay Wright got an unprecedented but not at all surprising 79/0 approval rating by Villanova fans, who are no doubt over the moon about the team's NCAA Championship. Wright is the only person to never receive a vote of disapproval by PPP . Only 25% of those polled currently Trust The Process.

Non-sports and politics areas that were polled among Pennsylvanians found a 45/35 preference to Sheetz over Wawa, a 62/25 preference to calling it soda instead of pop (duh), and cheesesteak deservedly took best sandwich with 49% of the vote.

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