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Five UDFAs who can make an impact on the Eagles

Keep an eye on these names.

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The Eagles *finally* announced their undrafted free agent signings and it is a big group of players including two, Myke Tavarres and Darrell Greene, who got significant signing bonuses. Having a lot of young bodies on the roster is great for a team with a lot of question marks. Here are some players who could make an impact sooner than later:

  • Darrell Greene, OG, SDSU: The Eagles made news when they gave Darrell Greene a huge deal to sign with the team as an undrafted free agent. The 6-3, 320 pound guard has the size to fit into a primarily gap blocking scheme, but he also plays to match his size. He isn't a great athlete, but he moves well downhill and plays with great strength. Greene has a mean streak and can make highlight blocks in the run game. He is a bit raw as a pass protector, but his skill set could be conducive to him moving up the depth chart sooner than later.

  • Byron Marshall, OW, Oregon: I loved this pick up. Byron Marshall has been a contributor since stepping onto the field for the Ducks a few years ago. He has experience at wide receiver and running back, turning in productive seasons at both positions. Marshall has good quickness and, unsurprisingly, looks like a running back after the catch. The team could use him all over and I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up taking over as a slot receiver down the line. At the very least, he can make an impact on special teams.

  • Myke Tavarres, LB, Incarnate Word: Emory Hunt referred to Myke Tavares as the "FCS Myles Jack" and he's not wrong. Tavarres plays with tremendous game speed and his athletic ability was even used on kick returns! He flies around the field on defense and can cover, take on the run and blitz. He is a huge hitter and a playmaker. The Eagles' linebacker depth chart is a bit sketchy, so Tavarres has a great chance of making the team and I expect him to be headhunting on special teams by day one.

  • Connor Wujciak, DT, Boston College: Though he is a bit undersized, Connor Wujciak was a playmaker for Boston College his final year. He is a bit raw and inconsistent, but he has moments where his quickness and strength pop off the screen. He is a project and there is no doubt about that, but getting this athletic freak in the hands of Jim Schwartz bodes well for his NFL future.

  • Cayleb Jones, WR, UA: For a receiving group that has so many questions, I like the team adding different types of wide receivers in undrafted free agency. Jones is a big framed receiver with long arms who was very productive at Arizona. He is not a great athlete, but he has dependable hands and is a good route runner. If Jones is able to show off his ability to wow at the catch point in camp, he has a good shot at sticking as a #6 receiver.

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