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Sam Bradford is returning to Eagles voluntary workouts today, according to Connor Barwin

Sammy Sleeves is back.

Jeffrey G. Pittenger-USA TODAY Sports

Sam Bradford is expected to return to the Eagles' voluntary offseason workout program in Philadelphia today. This much was revealed by Eagles defensive end Connor Barwin during a Monday morning interview on 94WIP.

"He’ll be here today," Barwin said. "I talked to him. He’ll be here this week. He’ll be here today."

Late last week, Barwin said he expected Bradford to return "in the next week or two." Turns out he wasn't kidding. Howard Eskin also reported late on Sunday night that there was a "good chance" Bradford would return this week.

Bradford returns to the Eagles exactly two weeks after he asked for a trade and decided to skip practice. Bradford's agent, Tom Condon, made it clear the veteran quarterback was upset that the Birds traded up to the No. 2 overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft to draft Carson Wentz. Bradford's camp clearly misplayed their hand by thinking they could force a trade, however, because there was no market for him. And even if there was, the Eagles made it clear they had no interest in trading Bradford.

Bradford may or may not have a future with the team. He's still signed through the 2017 season. The Eagles have publicly committed to Bradford as their starter for 2016. The Eagles have talked about sitting Wentz as a rookie, but it's clear they view him as their franchise quarterback of the future.

In the short-term, Bradford can do his best to keep Wentz on the bench by playing well. The 28-year-old quarterback has largely been average at best throughout his career, though, so it's hard to expect him to suddenly be great.

The Eagles view Bradford as their best chance to be "competitive" in a weak NFC East this year. Having Bradford as their starter allows them to bring Wentz along slowly instead of forcing the former NCAA Division I FCS quarterback into NFL action right away.

Eagles' OTAs begin next week on Tuesday, May 17.

UPDATE: Bradford is officially back in the building.

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