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Former NFL quarterback goes on a rant and rips Sam Bradford

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It seems like everyone is ripping Sam Bradford these days. Terrell Owens called the Eagles' passer a coward. Heath Evans, who has been a Sammy Sleeves supporter in the past, ripped Bradford. Now former NFL quarterback Joe Theismann is getting involved. Theismann went on a rant against Bradford in a SiriusXM NFL Radio interview.

"I cannot believe what Sam Bradford is doing with the Philadelphia Eagles. The impression that I get is that this guy here doesn't want to compete. He's not interested in playing quarterback. He's not interested in competing at the quarterback position. He wants it handed to him on a silver platter. Well that's not the way life is. The Eagles owed him no explanation. And if you think you're that good, you should be able to beat out a rookie who has no earthly idea what the NFL looks like. If the Redskins drafted somebody No. 1 and I was Sam Bradford and I've already banked $98 million, I'd [say] 'Bring it on, guys. Bring it on.'"

"And it's disappointing to me because I like Sam. Heck, last year I did a radio show in Philadelphia and I said 'Sam Bradford has the ability to be a Pro Bowl player.' And all of the sudden Tom Condon, his agent, comes out and says 'Well, the Eagles had a right to notify him' ... baloney! Strap your chin strap on, put your helmet on, put your jock on, and go out and compete like someone who wants the job. Don't gripe about 'Oh, I'm not going to OTAs. I'm not going to do this.' How about doing something instead of not doing something? I am just so upset over this kind of baloney from young guys. What ever happened to having the job being [so] important to you that you'll do anything?"

It's still unclear when Bradford will return to the Eagles, if at all. At least one of Bradford's teammates thinks he'll be back soon. At the same time, there's been some speculation that the veteran quarterback might just retire.

There's a lot of uncertainty with this Bradford situation ever since he demanded a trade. But the one thing we do know is most people just don't feel bad for him.

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