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Eagles News: Philadelphia ranks as one of the NFL's most improved teams

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 5/8/16.

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Let's get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

These 8 teams improved the most in their divisions this offseason - PFF
From a long-term standpoint the Eagles will have improved the most within the division if Carson Wentz emerges as the franchise quarterback they need in a year or two. In theory, Wentz would still be on the frontside of his career as the Eagles’ starting quarterback while the Cowboys and Giants will be in the unfortunate position of trying to find replacements for long-term starting quarterbacks who retired (Romo and Eli Manning, respectively).

So, what if Sam Bradford just never shows up? - PhillyVoice
In short, it would almost be as if the Eagles never signed him in the first place. The only difference is that instead of losing him for nothing in free agency, they would control his rights and could still trade him if Bradford decided he wanted to play after all, and some team out there became desperate for a quarterback. The Eagles would then likely start Daniel, who would be merely keeping the seat warm for Wentz, as Frank suggested. Oh, and they'd have a new-found treasure trove of salary cap resources to lock up players who are actually interested in, you know, competing. That salary cap space would be far more valuable than a third or fourth round pick.

North Dakota is happy to share Carson Wentz - Inquirer
Jenny Linker, an assistant professor in the NDSU department of health, nutrition and exercise science, taught Wentz for four years. One of the assignments was a novelty lesson in which students needed to learn something unusual to teach. Linker assigned Wentz break dancing. "Really?" Wentz replied. "Let's see what you've got," Linker said. So Wentz immersed himself in break dancing. He came to class with a bucket hat and Hawaiian shirt and looked like he could work parties. "He could do the six step," Linker said. "And he went out to a middle school with his teaching partner, and they taught it with the middle school kids. He's something special."

Versatility Ability - Iggles Blitz
You can see that this group of rookies can play different roles. Just as importantly, the schemes allow for that. The 3-4 was more limiting in what players could do. Fletcher Cox can play all 4 spots in the 4-3. Jordan Hicks can play all the linebacker spots in the 4-3. The offense will use more huddles and player changes. That allows role players to have more impact. Chip Kelly wanted speed. That mean having the same 11 guys out there as much as possible. Pederson will use tempo, but will also play more situational football. There are plenty of versatile players who failed in the NFL so these rookies still have a major challenge in front of them. Some of the guys will be battling each other for roster spots and/or playing time. The more things a guy can do well, the better his chances of succeeding.

Reddit user attended a Q&A with Frank Reich - r/Eagles
Asked about the running backs: "Kenjan Barner has caught the coaches' eyes and we are excited about him. I had Ryan (Mathews) with the Chargers for a bit so I know some of what he is bringing, and then Sproles just makes us dynamic. Smallwood is a talent that will compete, we have got a good backfield." He also had a good story from the Wentz visit. "We are grilling the QBs on the visits. I decide we're going to experiment, you need to process pretty quick. I do luminosity. So Carson Wentz is in and I have them playing luminosity. They play 4 times and then I say do it one more time. As the game starts i'm screaming stuff at him, 'check check!', that stuff, trying to get him flustered. He scored the highest of anyone. So the next day we go out to dinner and our QB coach is at the table and teaches 10 plays to Carson, made up plays, and then the next day we were going to have Wentz explain those plays to us the next day. He blew us away and could do it all. Not only that, he said back to what I was yelling at him! We are talking about a very smart kid."

Podcast Recap: Schwartz Brings Edge To 'D' -
"It’s going to be a really interesting competition," Duffy said. "However you list them, as a corner or as a safety, I think the value comes in subpackages. You have two guys who can play down in the slot and they can do that at a high level and hang with slot receivers in the middle of the field. That’s a really, really important thing to have in this defense when you go to subpackages." "I think Jim Schwartz is going to have a lot of fun with those two players," added Smith. "I just think that Jim Schwartz came in here and he really wanted to add an edge to the Eagles’ defense and I think that’s what they did in free agency with guys like (Ron) Brooks, (Leodis) McKelvin and obviously Rodney McLeod, and these are two more players who can bring some nastiness to that secondary."

What’s worse: Sam Bradford or the reaction to him? - CSN Philly
But hey. All good. Should blow over any day now. "These things," Roseman said, "have a way of working themselves out." While we wait for Roseman and Bradford to un-burn their mutual bridge, we’ve heard Bradford’s agent complain incessantly on his client’s behalf, and we’ve been told Bradford has no intention of reporting for workouts or competing for a job. It is not a good look for Bradford or his camp. That, in turn, has prompted some Eagles fans and media members to complain incessantly about Bradford’s approach and how he should report for workouts and compete for a job. That is not a good look for those fans and journos. Ah, but what’s worse: the way Bradford and his agent have acted, or the reaction to it? Let’s examine.

Ranking the NFL’s best quarterback-receiver tandems of the last decade - SB Nation
Marques Colston and Drew Brees racked up nearly 10,000 yards in 10 years together, but there are 17 other tandems who combined for more than 5,000 yards.

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