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Eagles News: NFL analyst thinks Philadelphia's offense will feature run plays for Carson Wentz

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 5/6/16.

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Let's get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

Greg Cosell's Review: How Wentz, Goff and Lynch fit (Podcast) - Yahoo!
I think the transition for Wentz will be comfortable. Eagles coach Doug Pederson will want to incorporate the quarterback in the run game. We saw him do that in Kansas City when he was the Chiefs' offensive coordinator with Alex Smith, and that’s something Wentz gives you. Goff doesn’t give you that. I think they see Wentz as a better fit in how they want to run their offense, with the quarterback involved in the run game. Also, one thing Wentz theoretically gives you is that even in the play-action pass game you have to be much more concerned about the back side with Wentz, because he can move. His ability to run affects a defense. I said before the draft that you can build a multiple run game with Wentz involved, like the Carolina Panthers do with Cam Newton. I think the Eagles will design runs for Wentz. I think that will be clearly part of the Eagles’ offense, because of Wentz’s strength as a runner.

Eagles 2016 offseason recap, in stick figure form - PhillyVoice
The Eagles have had quite a busy offseason. As usual, even when the team is in disarray, there's always plenty of action to keep the fan base interested. A lot has happened, so let's recap it, step by step, in stick figure form.

Eagle Eye: Fran Duffy Analyzes The Picks -
It’s not common that you see quarterbacks with his physical skill set enter the league with that kind of responsibility after the snap - but Wentz’s ability to read defenses before the snap are equally as impressive. As Cosell notes in the piece below, Wentz was given everything in the play call except the protection. What’s that mean? When his coach would call a play, Wentz would be given the personnel grouping, the formation and the play call, but the coaches would leave the protection call up to him. That meant every week, Wentz had to put together his own planning of opposing defensive schemes and personnel. What were their favorite pressure concepts? What fronts did they like to run stunts and blitzes out of? What were their tendencies in different down and distance situations? He did all of that so on every single pass play in a game, he could come up to the line, survey the situation and set the protection to what he needed.

In-Depth: Wendell Smallwood - Iggles Blitz
I loved the fact that Smallwood is such a North-South runner. He gets upfield as quickly as possible. Some runners force things to the outside. Some look for clean holes. Smallwood just needed enough room to get going. He was able to get through traffic if he saw daylight behind it. That’s where a lot of those 10-yard runs came from. He also has the burst to make teams pay. If you give him some room, Smallwood will accelerate through the hole and get to daylight in a hurry. Smallwood is hard to rate in terms of the passing game. He caught 68 passes in college, but I haven’t seen enough of those to label him a good receiver. I thought he caught the ball well at the Combine so that gives me hope that he does have good hands.

Twitter Mailbag: On Bradford, Wentz And Cox - Birds 24/7
I don’t think it is viable. The fan-player relationship is one factor to consider. While the merits of Bradford’s actions can be (and have been) debated, the general perception will be difficult to overcome — that a well-paid quarterback, a fresh $5.5 million in his pocket,  opted not to show up to work and tried to bail on this team and this city when the going got tough.  Again, the situation is more nuanced than that, but this is about perception. And if there are two things Philadelphians can’t stand, it’s 1) people shying away from adversity and 2) feeling rejected. In the case of Bradford, it’s a double-whammy.

Eagles need to find a gem among free-agent signees - Inquirer
NFL history is filled with terrific stories about undrafted players who went on to become superstars and Super Bowl winners. One of them - Kurt Warner - was even a Super Bowl MVP. This, of course, would be a good time for the Eagles to find one of those hidden gems. Having used their first-round selection on a quarterback (Carson Wentz) they hope sits and learns this season and having made just one selection (offensive lineman Isaac Seumalo) in the first four rounds on a player who might actually help them this season, the Eagles desperately need to hit on one of the 16 undrafted free agents they officially revealed Thursday. That's something they have rarely done since Andy Reid's departure as head coach.

Carson Wentz gets 1999 plan despite 2016 NFL reality - ESPN
In 2016, Pederson is the new Eagles head coach. Carson Wentz is the No. 2 overall pick in the draft. And Pederson has Sam Bradford and Chase Daniel at No. 1 and 2 on his QB depth chart. The plan is to bring Wentz along the way Reid did McNabb. But is that the way the league works now? It’s a fair question. In 1999, it wasn’t an absolute certainty that quarterbacks should watch from the sideline for a while. Tim Couch, the No. 1 overall pick that year, started the second game of his rookie season in Cleveland. Peyton Manning, the No. 1 pick in 1998, started all 16 games as a rookie.

Maybe Howie and Chip just needed a marriage counselor? - CSN Philly
By all appearances, the Eagles are wrapping up a largely successful offseason. The organization extended most of its core players, filled holes through free agency, even went up in the draft and got its franchise quarterback. Sam Bradford mess aside, pretty solid. Perhaps it's no coincidence a new "collaborative" front office headed by Howie Roseman appears to be running smoothly. The reason why, on the other hand, might come as something of a surprise. The Eagles vice president of football operations says he "learned a lot from" Chip Kelly, the disgraced head coach who only one year ago usurped the role of personnel head.

Eli Apple's mom, star of the NFL Draft, is more than just a great Twitter presence - SB Nation
Everything you've got to know about the draft's most delightful mother-and-son dynamic.

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