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Terrell Owens thinks Sam Bradford is a coward

A former disgruntled Eagles player has a message for a current disgruntled Eagles player.

Add former Eagles wide receiver Terrell Owens to the long list of many people who do not feel bad for Sam Bradford. TMZ Sports recently caught up with Owens and asked for his thoughts on Philadelphia's quarterback situation.

"I think it was not a great move for Sam to want to request a trade being that they were getting a No. 1 pick," said Owens. "For me, that's kind of a sign of a coward, to be honest. But again, if you're [...] secure in your abilities, it shouldn't matter who they're drafting or who's coming in."

"That should really kind of motivate you and prepare you for the best season you could probably ever have. I like competition. So with that request, it just seems like he's not really comfortable in his own skin and what he can do."

It's funny because T.O. once tried to force his way out of Philadelphia (and succeeded). Of course, the difference is that Owens wasn't shying away from competition as much as he was pining for a new contract. Bradford already got paid earlier this offseason. He's just upset because he feels he doesn't have the shot to be a long-term starter.

Owens' assessment of Bradford isn't wrong. Bradford looks weak for demanding a trade. It's just hard to feel bad for Bradford. Poll results show that the vast majority of people don't have empathy for him.

Even some of Bradford's biggest defenders have turned against him. NFL Network analyst Heath Evans has long supported Bradford and now he's going on rants against him.


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