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Will Carson Wentz start more or less than 3.5 games for the Eagles as a rookie?

#StartTheCarson is a really good hashtag.

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Who will the Philadelphia Eagles' Week 1 starting quarterback be in 2016? That's the question we asked last week. Here's how you responded.

Sam Bradford is still the favorite. Both Doug Pederson and Howie Roseman have declared him as the Eagles' starting quarterback. There's just one tiny problem ... Bradford is currently skipping offseason workouts after demanding a trade. Bradford is making it clear he doesn't want to be in Philadelphia.

The bad news for Bradford is that the Eagles don't seem intent on honoring Bradford's request. It doesn't seem like there's much of a trade market for him anyway. So Bradford might eventually and reluctantly realize that returning to the Eagles is his best option, even if he might not have a long-term future in Philly.

If Bradford isn't in the picture, it comes down to Chase Daniel and Carson Wentz. The Eagles gave Daniel a contract that rewards him well if he ends up being a starter. The Eagles seem insistent on sitting Wentz as a rookie, so Daniel could be a placeholder the same way Pederson used to be in 1999.

But what if Wentz is going to be the starter sooner than everyone thinks? That's a possibility Adam Hermann explored here last week. And now it's possibility you can bet on as well. The over/under for number of games Wentz will start in 2016 is set at 3.5. Which side are you taking?

The feeling here is that the Eagles will be patient with Wentz. Though I wouldn't mind seeing him play right away, I think there's some merit to sitting him. I don't like the idea of starting Wentz just to start him. He should have to earn the starting job by playing well and outperforming his competition in preseason and training camp.

If I had to bet on the over/under for Wentz starts, I'd take the under. I think that's the cautious bet right now. What say you?

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