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Comparing Eagles Players to Star Wars Characters

May the 4th be with you.

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Happy Star Wars Day! What better way to honor one of the best film franchises of all time to one of the most successful franchises in the NFL. Both have been booming since the 70s and we all know the fans are die hard. So, what are some of the best Eagles players' Star Wars counterparts?

Carson Wentz- Luke Skywalker: This one is pretty easy. Of course, I am referring to A New Hope's Luke Skywalker. Wentz is the prodigal son of the Philadelphia Eagles franchise. He has all of the power to become the supreme power in the universe but he is young and has a long way to go, needing guidance to hone his power. With the right guidance, he can conquer the evil in this universe (Dan Snyder/Jerry Jones), but if his powers are misused, the future of the universe is bleak.

Jason Peters- Chewbacca: No one messes with Chewbacca and certainly no one messes the people Chewbacca's protecting. Jason Peters takes his job as offensive tackle serious and if you screw with his quarterback, he will probably rip your arms off.

Malcolm Jenkins- Boba Fett: One of the most badass dudes on the defense, Jenkins will kick ass all over the defense. It doesn't matter if he is playing free safety, strong safety or slot corner, Jenkins is here to create turnovers and make big hits. There's also a joke to be made about being a Bounty Hunter and having experience playing under Gregg Williams, but I won't make that joke.

Fletcher Cox- The Death Star: This one is Self Explanatory. Fletcher Cox will literally destroy your favorite planet.

Ryan Mathews- AT-AT: Mathews is a talented and dangerous player on the field.... when he is actually on the field. Unfortunately, his injury proneness makes him largely ineffective over the course of a season. AT-ATs are some of the coolest things in Star Wars, but sometimes it just takes a few Rebels wrapping up their legs to take them out of the picture.

Bennie Logan-Sarlac Pit: Bennie Logan has been underrated this offseason, but the truth is that he is going to kick ass in Jim Schwartz' defense. He is going to sit in the middle of everything and just swallow up space, quarterbacks, running backs and clumsy bounty hunters (please be careful Malcolm).

Jordan Hicks- Darth Maul: Darth Maul had a chance at being one of the best characters in the Star Wars franchise before Obi-Wan sent him to his demise. Maul was a total badass with a double sided lightsaber. Jordan Hicks' debut with the Eagles only lasted a few games before he went down with injury, but he looked like a legit star at inside linebacker. Hopefully he can recover from a pec injury unlike Darth Maul (who got cut in half).

Nelson Agholor- Rey: Nelson Agholor was drafted to bring a new and explosive element to the Eagles offense. He has all the talent, but he is still figuring out how to use it. Like Rey, the team needs Agholor to realize his power in order to successfully battle soldiers of The First Order (Josh Norman, Janoris Jenkins and Byron Jones).

Sam Bradford- Jar Jar Binks: Though he seemed like a good idea when he was first introduced, his allure faded very, very quickly. Honestly wish he was on a different planet right now because he is beyond annoying.

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