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Philadelphia Eagles Doug Pederson confidence poll: May 2016

Are you confident in Eagles head coach Doug Pederson?

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Today we continue the May 2016 series of Philadelphia Eagles approval/confidence polls with head coach Doug Pederson. This rating is based on how confident you feel with him leading Philadelphia's offense and team as a whole.

Our polling of Pederson in the past has not been favorable to him. When Pederson was first mentioned as a candidate for the Eagles' head coaching job, only 19% of voters said they wanted the Eagles to hire him. After Pederson was hired, 42% of voters said they approved of Philadelphia's selection.

Pederson is still a big unknown. We haven't seen him coach a real game yet and won't until September. But there's more to being a head coach than being in charge on game day. The head coach has plenty of responsibilities in the offseason as well. He said say in putting together his coaching staff and configuring the team's quarterback situation.

Pederson has his work cut out for him when it comes to leading the Eagles' offense this season. There are a lot of question marks on that side of the ball. Sam Bradford isn't overly inspiring as the starting quarterback. The running back situation is sketchy. There's not a lot of proven talent at wide receiver. The offensive line should be improved, though one has to wonder how long Jason Peters can stay healthy. Tight end should be a position of strength. Add in the fact that Pederson is largely unproven as a play-caller and it's easy to be skeptical about this group.

Another reason for skepticism is based on how Pederson is awkward around the media (and, by extension, the fans). Now, that might not matter if he's great with his players and he's leading the team to wins. But it doesn't necessarily inspire confidence, especially when two of the team's coordinators have seemingly contradicted him already.

Pederson deserves some benefit of the doubt for now. He has a lot to prove, though.

Are you confident in Doug Pederson as head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles? Vote now in the poll below and leave your thoughts in the comments.

Pederson Approval Polls:


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