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Philadelphia Eagles 2016 Jersey Buying Guide

Look good this year and beyond.

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It’s summertime, which for NFL fans means very little in the way of news and action. That gives fans time to make crucial, life altering decisions such as what jersey to purchase for the new season. You don’t want to be stuck with an embarrassing jersey.

Making that choice harder this year is that a new coaching staff for the Eagles means a new style of play, so some players are going to be featured less, others more. Thankfully the Eagles have a number of good, young or in their prime players, and a few of them just signed new contracts, so you don't have to worry about them leaving months after you just bought their jersey. And you don't want to buy a jersey of a player who immediately stinks right after you get it. So who to get? We here at BGN are here to help.

Jordan Matthews

As the only good WR on the Eagles, he’s going to get a lot of passes thrown his way, so he’s going to get a lot of action. He led the team in TD receptions last year and is a sure bet to do so again this season. And he's played great against the rest of the NFC East with 64 catches for 1070 yards and 9 TDs in 12 games against the Cowboys, Giants and Redskins.

Risk: Low. He’s already had two good seasons.

Zach Ertz

We’re still waiting for Ertz to have that breakout season we’ve talked ourselves into, but with him signing a new contract and Doug Pederson coming from an offense that highlighted the tight end, there’s huge return on investment potential here. Maybe they could do a his and hers special with Ertz and his wife to be’s jersey.

Risk: Low. In the past two seasons he’s been almost as productive as Travis Kelce, and now he’s got the same playbook and a new contract.

Fletcher Cox

He’s the best player on the Eagles and now plays in a system that should make him a league-wide star. But he’s about to enter the last year of his deal.

Risk: Medium. The minute he signs a contract extension, buy it. But until he’s under contract for beyond 2016, there’s going to be a risk. Or you could hedge your bet and buy a shirsey.

Malcolm Jenkins

Not a lot went right for the Eagles in 2015, but aside from a few dropped INTs, Malcolm Jenkins had a brilliant season. He established himself as one of the better safeties in the league and in his two years as an Eagle has put to rest the search to find the next long-term solution at safety.

Risk: Low. A really good player with a new contract is the perfect combination.

Vinny Curry

Curry looks to have a big season under Jim Schwartz, but even if he doesn’t there’s still a certain sense of pride in wearing his jersey, because Curry grew up an Eagles fan. Players always claim to love the team they play for until they’re playing for another team, in which case they love to play for that team. With Curry though you know the passion is genuine.

Risk: Medium. Under Jim Schwartz he should have a productive season, only had one truly good season so far, when he notched 9 sacks in 2014 despite only playing a third of snaps. There's no guarantee that more playing time in 2016 will see him become the caliber of player that warrants having a jersey of.

Lane Johnson

We generally own jerseys of flashy players, and offensive linemen are the least flashiest players on a team. But Lane Johnson has a new contract, is really good, and is one of the more visible team players in the media. Plus you’ll stand out a bit.

Risk: Low. If you want an OL jersey this year, this is the one to get.

Jordan Hicks

Hicks looked good as a rookie last year but then was lost for half the season to injury. With what should be a dominant defensive line in front of him, a mostly veteran secondary behind him and one of the better defensive coordinators on the sideline, the table is set for him to build on that and have a strong season.

Risk: High. While Hicks looked good when he got to start, it was only for five games. You don’t want to buy a Stewart Bradley 2.0 jersey.

Rodney McLeod

Eagles fans love a good, hard hitting safety. In St. Louis, McLeod was just that, and he should continue his strong play in Philly. Last year the Eagles had a really good safety tandem, and that was with Walter Thurmond having never played the position before. Give Malcolm Jenkins a bonafide safety with complimentary skillsets and this could be a special duo.

Risk: Medium. There’s always a risk when a player changes teams, so it would be wise to hold off until he’s played some games as an Eagle to make a determination.

Carson Wentz

It’s tempting to buy the jersey of the next Eagles franchise QB. But until he plays, we don’t know if Carson Wentz is that guy, and it seems the Eagles are hell bent on making sure we don’t find out for a while.

Risk: Medium. If someone else wants to buy you a Wentz jersey for your birthday or a holiday, let them, but if you’re looking to drop $100 of your hard-earned money on a jersey, use it on someone who has earned it.

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