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Top 8 best available NFL free agents

Should the Eagles sign any of these players?

Jeffrey G. Pittenger-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles' roster is currently maxed out at the 90 player offseason limit. There aren't any immediate roster moves in sight, but Howie Roseman has shown an affinity for tinkering with the bottom of the roster in the past. Plus it's not like the Eagles are so set that they can't afford to add more depth at certain positions. With that said, let's take a look at some of the NFL's best available free agents who could make sense for Philadelphia.

Stephen Tulloch, Linebacker

OK, so this is cheating because Tulloch isn't actually a free agent ... yet. It's long been expected to happen, though. It was reported back in March that Tulloch was going to be released if Detroit couldn't trade him. He has a cap number of $7.3 million this season and can be released for a savings of $6 million. Maybe the Lions end up keeping him if Tulloch agrees to a big pay cut, but otherwise it seems like he's bound to be a free agent at some point.

Tulloch has a lot of experience with Jim Schwartz. The two spent three seasons together when Schwartz was defensive coordinator of the Titans. After Schwartz left Tennessee and got hired as head coach of the Lions, Tulloch signed with Detroit in free agency.

The Eagles have already signed a number of former Schwartz players this offseason. At 31 years old, Tulloch's best days are behind him but he could provide much-needed depth at linebacker. He could also serve as a mentor for Jordan Hicks, who is new to playing behind the wide-nine. A potential problem is that Tulloch would have to be willing to be a backup and contribute on special teams in Philadelphia.

Darrel Young, Fullback

Yes, a fullback! The Eagles have tinkered with adding a fullback to the roster this offseason. The team signed former Chargers linebacker Ryan Mueller and tried to convert him but bailed on the experiment just a few weeks after the signing. The Birds also worked out former NFL fullback Michael Zordich at one point. There's been talk about Trey Burton being used at fullback but I didn't see the Eagles use him in that role during their one open practice so far. Rather, he was often split out wide.

So if the Eagles want to add a true fullback to the roster, they don't even have to look outside of the division. The 29-year-old Young could be worth a look. The Villanova alumnus has played in 90 games since 2010. He has 185 yards and seven touchdowns on 51 rushing attempts. He's also put up 424 yards and six scores on 44 receptions. He has a reputation for being a good blocker as well. Here's a glowing review of Young via our Washington friends over at Hogs Haven:

"Darrel Young is everything a team wants in a fullback. Like most traditional fullbacks, he's a solid blocker; unlike many traditional fullbacks, Young is a legitimate asset in both the run game and the pass game. He is a tough player that does all the little things well, and just about everybody loves the guy ... A Redskins fan favorite, Young has also garnered praise off the field. He won the Walter Payton Man of the Year award for the team in 2014, and he shared the 2013 Redskins Media Good Guy award with Santana Moss ... Darrel Young is a truly versatile player, and not just by fullback standards, as evidenced by the final point above. He'll fly under the radar for 14 games of the season, doing the little things and clearing a path for the primary runners, but then he'll come from nowhere to put a hurting on the opposing defense in one or two games to let everybody know he's still there."

Brandon Boykin, Cornerback

Boykin was surprisingly cut by the Panthers last week. His career has been very strange since being traded away from Philly last offseason. People thought he was going to play well with the Steelers but he barely even got on the field until late in the season. Then Pittsburgh didn't make a strong effort to retain him. The Panthers signed him only to cut him after signing some tryout players. Now he's on the market again. We know Boykin is talented, so is it a personality issue? Did his comments about Chip Kelly rub people the wrong way? Is it something else? I don't get the sense the Eagles are going to pursue Boykin, but a lot of fans would enjoy his return.

Chris Polk, Running Back

I already teased the idea of a Polk return. The 26-year-old running back is available after spending 2015 with the Texans. Polk has durability issues but the Eagles are light on running backs. He can contribute on special teams and fight for a roster spot. The Birds should give him a look.

Darryl Tapp, Defensive End

Not only is Tapp a former Eagle (and one that Roseman once traded for), but he's also a former Schwartz player as well. So he's got that going for him. The Eagles are a little light on defensive end depth. Former 3-4 outside linebackers like Travis Long and Bryan Braman are a little light (weight wise) for the position. Tapp has experience as a wide-nine defensive end.

Henry Melton, Defensive Tackle

Are you ready for some high quality analysis? If so, you better stop reading this right now because I have a pretty dumb reason as to why the Eagles should be interested Melton: he was good in Madden 2013. It was the weirdest thing because his overall rating was only in the 80s, but every time I used him he was a beast on the interior. He was basically as good as Fletcher Cox is in real life. See? I told you this was stupid.

If not Melton, the Eagles could afford to add another interior defensive lineman for depth purposes.

Michael Vick, Quarterback

Earlier this offseason, Vick seemed to suggest he might want to return to the Eagles. That was shortly after Sam Bradford requested a trade. Bradford is back now and the Eagles are splitting up reps among their three quarterbacks (Bradford, Chase Daniel, and Carson Wentz) so there's no room for Vick. The Eagles should only keep Vick in mind if there's a long-term injury to one (or two) of their current quarterbacks.

Anquan Boldin, Wide Receiver

Need I say more? BOLDYN!!!!!!!!!!!!

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