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Eagles employee got his hair styled after Odell Beckham Jr.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Much to the chagrin of most Eagles fans, Odell Beckham Jr. is very good at football. But apparently the New York wide receiver is so good that, for some, he transcends the Eagles-Giants rivalry. Check out this tidbit from The MMQB's recent profile on Beckham Jr. Bold emphasis is mine:

Along the main drag of Rising Sun Ave. in Northeast Philadelphia, in a brick-building neighborhood lined with pizza restaurants, convenience stores and no less than four barbershops, DeMarco’s Hair Artistry has stayed in business by keeping up with the people (walk-in Tuesdays) and the times. Countless men have sat in the chairs here and left with perfect shape-ups, Afros, mohawks, fauxhawks, Allen Iverson-style cornrows, and even a Dennis Rodman-esque dye jobs. The sole proprietor, Hassan DeMarco, has seen it all. But he never could have anticipated what happened two years ago when a customer strode across the black-and-white tile floor and asked, "Can you give me The Odell Beckham?"

"The first request came right after The Catch," says DeMarco, referring to Beckham’s one-handed touchdown grab against the Giants on Nov. 23, 2014. "A few trickled in after that. Now I probably have 15 or 20 clients who have asked for it. It’s the hottest hairstyle since [Iverson’s] braids.

"And I probably shouldn’t tell you this, but one of the guys who has asked for it is actually an employee of the Eagles."

I'm not going to go around and tell people how to style their hair, but isn't that awkward for the Eagles employee? Like, everyone totally knows it's modeled after a team rival. How do you show up to work every day with that reminder?

For what it's worth, I've never seen an Eagles employee with that haircut during the time I've spent around the facility.  Maybe that person got fired.

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