I Went to Highschool with Wendell Smallwood

I know there has been a lot of questions circulated about Wendell Smallwood's character and that being a possible concern for drafting him, especially after people screenshotted those tweets from his younger days. I sat next to this kid in Spanish class back in the day and can attest that he is a pretty down-to-earth nice kid who I think just got caught up in the wrong crowd with the witness tampering case. He was a real nice kid in the classroom and for the most part stayed out of trouble outside school (the incident happened summer after his freshman year at WVU). A lot of the kids who played football for my school came from Wilmington, DE which is a pretty dangerous area. I think it was definitely good that he got away to West Virginia for school, severing his ties to old friends that weren't the best influences.

I am a huge Eagles fan so I was pumped when I saw his name get called on day 3. Still can't believe I sat next to an Eagles running back while learning how to say pantalones.