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The "Carson Wentz got booed by Eagles fans" story is so dumb


Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

By now you may have read a few stories by now about how Carson Wentz was booed by Eagles fans upon arriving at the Philadelphia airport last Friday. I'm here to tell you those stories are really dumb. Before we get started, watch the incident for yourself.

So basically a bunch of Eagles fans hassled Wentz as he arrived in Philadelphia. They wanted autographs. I get it. It's a big deal. He's the Eagles' new franchise quarterback. He's the No. 2 overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft. But it's not like Wentz was merely refusing to do it. Eagles security clearly told him not to do it.

After realizing he wasn't going to get an autograph, ONE FAN (at least from what I can tell) booed Wentz. One. fan. Not multiple. Just one. So the headlines about multiple fans booing him are factually incorrect.

A minor detail like that is bound to get intentionally ignored, though. People can't resist painting Philly fans (as a group) in a bad light. It's the low-hanging fruit that's good for clicks. I can tell you that the article that SB Nation wrote about the booing incident had more page views than any other article that day.

This article probably won't get as much attention as the ones that are spreading misinformation. That's just how it goes. But for those who are interested in the truth, now you know it wasn't "Philly fans" booing Wentz. It was just one bad fan.

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