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Peter King says NFL coaches and general managers have no empathy for Sam Bradford


Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

If Sam Bradford was ever hoping to make people feel bad for him by holding out and demanding a trade because he feels like he's being treated unfairly by the Eagles, he did not succeed. While it's understandable that Bradford is upset the Eagles drafted his successor, it's hard to feel like he didn't deserve this outcome. According to Peter King of The MMQB, people around the league are not shedding tears for Bradford.

I think—of all the people I spoke to over draft weekend—when I brought up the Sam Bradford-is-ticked-off angle, here is how many NFL folks (coaches and GMs mostly) had empathy for Bradford: zero.

I've seen some people defend Bradford's behavior since the trade request. I really just don't get it. This is a guy who has made over $100 million in his career and he's never been much more than average ... at best. He hasn't had a single winning season. Since 2000, Bradford is one of only 20 quarterbacks to attempt 2,000 passes. Of those 20 quarterbacks, he ranks last in passer rating, yards per attempt, and touchdowns. Bradford clearly hasn't played well enough for him to realistically expect to not be replaced.

Then again, I don't think Bradford is looking for empathy. I don't think he'd mind having it, but I think him and his agent are more than happy with Eagles fans having disdain for the underachieving quarterback. They wouldn't mind seeing Eagles fans pressure the team into doing something Bradford's camp wants, such as trading him.

I wrote last week that Bradford's trade request makes him look very weak. It seems NFL executives feel the same way. And maybe even his teammates, too.

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