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Only one Eagles player has reportedly reached out to Sam Bradford since the trade request

What does it mean?

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

It's been exactly one week since Sam Bradford demanded a trade and stopped showing up to the Eagles' voluntary offseason workout program. Since then, the Eagles have insisted Bradford is their starting quarterback and they're not trading him. Bradford's agent Tom Condon, meanwhile, has made it clear Bradford wants out. The quarterback isn't returning calls from the Eagles' coaching staff. And thus both sides are currently at a standstill.

One can only wonder what kind of impact Bradford's holdout is having on the Eagles' locker room. Or if his absence even has an impact at all. According to Jeff McLane of the Inquirer, only one Eagles teammate has reached out to Bradford since last week.

So what does that mean? Is it possible Bradford's teammates don't really miss him? This report doesn't give the impression that guys are calling him up and trying to convince him to come back. Then again, it's still relatively early in the offseason program and they might just want to respect Bradford's wishes.

It's easy to imagine the player who reached out to Bradford might be Jordan Matthews or Zach Ertz. Both of those young guys visited Bradford in Oklahoma last month. They were also two of the players most vocal about wanting the Eagles to re-sign the veteran passer.

The results of the 2016 NFL Draft did nothing to help Bradford's chances of seeing the Eagles grant his trade request. A number of teams with quarterback needs, such as the Broncos, drafted young passers early on. Bradford's market was already very limited (at best) prior to the draft. Now it seems like there's no market at all.

The feeling here is that Bradford is eventually going to realize his best option is to return to the Eagles. He might not have a long-term future in Philadelphia, but at least he can try to do his best to play well in 2016 and earn a starting job elsewhere in 2017. That might not be an ideal situation but his only other choice is to sit out the season and get hit with heavy fines. Or Bradford could always retire, which is something he's given thought to in the past.

The clock is ticking on Bradford's decision. Shortly after the conclusion of the draft, Doug Pederson said Bradford is missing "valuable time" by not attending practice. Pederson is right. The Eagles are installing a new scheme and Bradford is only hurting himself by not being there to better learn it.

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