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Seahawks' Michael Bennett rips Eagles quarterback Sam Bradford (again)

Here we go again.

Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Bennett has a reputation for not holding back when he speaks his mind. The Seattle Seahawks pass rusher ripped Sam Bradford last offseason by calling the quarterback overpaid and "mediocre." Now Bennett is taking more shots at Bradford. Via Sheil Kapadia of ESPN:

"I listened to Sam Bradford again. I just almost threw up," he said. "I can't believe Sam Bradford is complaining about making $40 million in the next two years, and because he actually has to compete for a position."

"This guy ... this guy right here definitely sets a bad tone of what a player should be. If I was his teammate, how can you play with a guy that doesn't want to compete at a high level and feels like his position should be solidified without even putting up the stats or the wins to back that up?"

Bennett doesn't totally have his story straight. Bradford never complained about not making enough money. His issue is that he felt like he doesn't have a long-term future in Philadelphia, which is likely the case.

Bennett is fair to criticize Bradford's lack of desire to compete, however. Bradford hasn't played well enough in his career to be upset about the Eagles trying to replace him.

This sentiment from Bennett is significant because it's not impossible to think some of Philadelphia's players might feel the same way about Bradford. No Eagles players have voiced frustration with Bradford to this point, but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

In any case, Bradford is doing his best to mend fences by returning to the Eagles and preparing for the 2016 season as the team's starting quarterback.

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