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Some Eagles players reportedly think less of Sam Bradford after his trade demand

Locker room issues?

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Now that Sam Bradford has returned to the Eagles after his failed attempt at forcing his way out of Philadelphia, one can only wonder how his actions have been received in the locker room. How are his teammates reacting to what he did?

Some Eagles players still support the veteran quarterback. Jordan Matthews, who has long been a public advocate of Bradford's, was excited to see him return. Connor Barwin, who broke the news of Bradford's arrival in Philly, also seemed glad to see him come back. But not every Eagles player was unfazed by Bradford's self-centered actions. Here's an interesting note from Jimmy Kempski of PhillyVoice.

Howie Roseman and Doug Pederson may be welcoming Bradford back with "open arms, " as they and now Condon have stated. However, according to a source, there are a number of players who view Bradford differently than they previously have.

It's hard to blame Eagles players that have been bothered by Bradford's actions. The quarterback is supposed to be the leader of the team and Bradford abandoned the locker room at the first sign of adversity. Bradford's agent Tom Condon literally stated the Eagles were merely Bradford's "next best option" after they realized a trade wasn't going to happen. That's not very flattering.

Kempski's report isn't the first time we've seen evidence to suggest Bradford isn't the most popular player in the locker room right now. Last week it was reported that only one Eagles player had reached out to Bradford since the quarterback demanded a trade.

Prior to re-signing with the Eagles this offseason, Bradford received support from a number of his teammates. Malcolm Jenkins was among those who said Bradford emerged as a leader as the season went along. Now it's fair to wonder just how much support he has, especially when his teammates know that future franchise quarterback Carson Wentz is eventually going to take his spot.

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