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Sam Bradford's agent said some things about the Eagles that he probably shouldn't have said


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Sam Bradford rightfully received a lot of vitriol for demanding a trade and skipping a few weeks worth of voluntary workouts. But while the decision to hold out was ultimately his, he's not the only one to blame. Bradford's agent, Tom Condon, also deserves responsibility for how the situation was mishandled.

Speaking for the first time since Bradford returned to Philadelphia, Condon recently appeared on The Rich Eisen Show and explained why they backed off their trade demand.

"We thought we had a chance to go to a really good football team and be there for a long time," he said. "That opportunity was there and the attempt was made. When the Broncos contacted the Eagles and talked about the trade, they couldn't agree on a price. At that point our options are pretty limited. So our next best option is to go back and prepare for the season."

Yeah, I'm just gonna say this probably wasn't the best choice of words.

The "really good football team" thing implies that the Eagles are not a really good football team. That might be true, and it's hard to argue the Eagles are better than the defending Super Bowl champions. Still, that's not something you say! Team quality is based upon a group of individual players. Therefore, Condon is essentially saying Bradford's teammates are lesser to another team's. Again, you can argue whether that's true or not ... but do you think that's something Eagles players enjoy hearing?

Then there's the "our next best option" phrase. We already knew the statement Bradford released about being "excited" to return to Philadelphia was bullshit. But if you did believe it for some reason, how could you now? His agent literally said the Eagles were, at best, his second choice.

Previously I had theorized that Condon was saying things to make fans hate Bradford on purpose. My theory was that he was trying to generate fan pressure on the Eagles to release or trade Bradford. But now that doesn't make sense because Bradford is back. He should be trying to mend fences; not further destroy the ones that have already been damaged.

Bradford is going to get so booed so loudly at some point this summer and/or this season. Those boos will be well deserved. Again: why cheer for the quarterback who doesn't even want to play for the team you root for?

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