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Eagles News: NFL insider predicts Sam Bradford will get benched for Chase Daniel

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 5/11/16.

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Let's get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

What my NFL crystal ball says about Sam Bradford and six other QBs - CBS Sports
Forget Wentz. Bradford loses his job to Chase Daniel -- the new coach's handpicked backup, by Thanksgiving. If that's the case, again, godspeed out there on the open market next year.

Five Eagles starting spots up for grabs - PhillyVoice
The reality is that Bradford has legitimate competition. His backup, Chase Daniel, has a built-in advantage in that he has run Doug Pederson's offense in Kansas City for the last three years. Meanwhile, of Wentz, Bradford, and Daniel, Wentz is by far the most physically gifted. Wentz is the biggest of the three, he has the strongest arm, and he's the only legitimate threat as a runner. If the mental side of the game comes quickly for Wentz, don't be surprised if he plays a lot sooner than many are anticipating. Make no mistake -- The starting job isn't definitively Bradford's. He's going to have to earn it.

More on Bradford - Iggles Blitz
Bradford and Condon tried to spin the situation in an utterly futile PR campaign that backfired and made Bradford look dumb and unsympathetic. Coaches and executives around the league were turned off because it sure appeared Bradford was scared to compete. That’s an oversimplification, but as Pat Shurmur so brilliantly said last year…this is a game full of PE majors. Sometimes simple becomes the truth. And as for Bradford’s teammates, some of them were not happy with the trade demand. Teammates understand the business side of things, but they also understand the phrase "know your place". Bradford was given a generous contract by the Eagles despite not being a star or anything close. If Bradford was an underpaid player, teammates would sympathize with him. If the team had somehow screwed him over, teammates would sympathize. That just wasn’t the case.

Doug Pederson's first challenge: Keep Sam Bradford from screwing up Carson Wentz -
No, it's too late for Bradford, at least in Philadelphia. The Eagles are heavily invested in Wentz. But while Pederson is teaching Wentz, he has to massage Bradford, who, if he wants, can turn the season into chaos. Navigating the tensions of the quarterback room, and dealing with an unhappy starting quarterback, isn't going to be easy, especially as Bradford succeeds or fails, and Pederson fields questions daily about Wentz's progress and when the rookie will make his debut.

Eagles Wake-Up Call: Trey Burton At Fullback? - Birds 24/7
Trey Burton could tell the reporter didn’t believe his answer. What would you rather play: fullback or tight end? "It’s the same position." Really? "Honestly, yeah. When you see two tight ends line up, one’s the tight end and one’s the fullback. It’s the same exact thing. In the I formation is the only time it’s different. ‘F’ would be, obviously, in the backfield and ‘Y’ would be on the line of scrimmage, but for the most part, same thing. Interchangeable."

Sam Bradford's return should head off criticism - ESPN
Bradford could have saved himself some grief by simply reporting to work the past couple of weeks. There are fans who could choose to make their disapproval known during the preseason or even the regular season. But if Bradford plays well, he can mute that disapproval.

Eagles mailbag: Improved O-line, undrafted FAs, Josh Huff - CSN Philly
No. I think Josh Huff will make the team in 2016. The Eagles got better at the wide receiver position this offseason — Rueben Randle and Chris Givens are improvements over Riley Cooper and Miles Austin. Huff has enough talent to stick around, though. I get why fans are so frustrated with him — I really do. It's because he has the talent, but just hasn't been able to show it consistently on game day. But with a new coach and a new offense, it is a clean slate for Huff. And with Jordan Matthews' playing outside more, I'd like to see what Huff looks like in the slot.

Eagle Eye: How The Senior Bowl Scouted Wentz -
This week on the Eagle Eye in The Sky Podcast, Fran Duffy is joined by Senior Bowl Scout Patrick Woo to talk about the process of getting Carson Wentz to Mobile AL as well as all of the other Eagles draft picks ...

When to Start Your Rookie Quarterback - FOX Sports
I wanted to see what the current behavior was for NFL teams when drafting QBs and then starting those QBs. Which started fastest, which were developed longest, what was the current behavior, and should that behavior change in light of success rates seen?

Eli Manning has a new teammate named Eli, so he's open to going by his real name: Elisha - SB Nation
Eli Manning doesn't seem phased about sharing his first name with the Giants' No. 10 draft pick, cornerback Eli Apple.

Bears promoting from within to replace college scouting director - PFT
After losing their college scouting director after one year, the Bears are going in-house for a replacement who has been there a while. According to Adam Jahns of the Chicago Sun-Times, the Bears are promoting college scout Mark Sadowski to replace Joe Douglas, who is leaving for a personnel director job with the Eagles.

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