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2016 NFL Mock Draft: Noah Spence to Tampa Bay Buccaneers

With the 9th overall pick in the 2016 Bleeding Green Nation community mock draft, Tampa Bay Buccaneers GM OneBucFan47 selects ...

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Noah Spence, DE, Eastern Kentucky

(TL;DR below) Noah Spence is who I'm choosing for my mock at the #9 spot. I'm passing on Bosa and on VH3 because our division has too many 6-4+ receivers, and no matter how good you are, these big receivers (Like Kelvin Benjamin and Julio Jones) can just jump over him and catch the ball at the high point, and Bosa is pretty much a strict 4-3 DE and according to Mike Smith we are going to run a hybrid 4-3/3-4 in games, making Spence a more natural pick.

I believe that Spence is the most natural pick for the Buccaneers here. He already plays a 4-3 style, has experience lining up 3-4 style, (For when Mike Smith runs an alternate defensive scheme) and he fills a hole/need/want for the Buccaneers. He would compliment Robert Ayers Jr, (Who we just poached from the Giants) Clinton McDonald, (Our nose tackle returning from injured reserve) and of course Gerald McCoy. (The best 3 tech DT in the league.) Also, rotationally, we could implement William Gholston (Run stuffing DE) and Jacquies Smith (Our "Pass Rushing" DE) to sub for Spence or Ayers if need be or situationally.  You could argue that we need a corner or safety more, and yes we probably do, but as a fan of football, you should know that the defensive units work symbiotically. A faster rushing D-Line means less time the Corners and Safeties have to cover.

Now, since you guys are Eagles fans, you happened to actually get to watch the Buccaneers for one game (Sorry, not sorry) and it happened to be the one game where our D-Line dominated (Either because of Andrew Tobin or that scrub Jason Kelce, lol, or just being Chip Kelly's dumb scheme/The Sanchize.)  This game showed that even with Lovie Smith's terrible scheme (And our end crew that consists of: William Gholston, 3 sacks, Jacquies Smith, 7 sacks, George Johnson, 0 sacks, Howard Jones, 5 sacks, TJ Fatinikun, 0 sacks, Larry English, 0 sacks,) it could work with good D-Line play, and Noah Spence brings that to the table.

Now on to his actual play, I've watched some game film of him, and he is a mixed bag at worst, and elite at best. I mainly used this game: which highlights all of my points.

He shows a natural burst off the line from the 3 point stance, and the ability to stop and read a play when in the backfield. His reading and burst ability allow him to get behind the line before the QB/RB can do anything about it, and his reading instincts allow him to react to the play and chase down whoever has the ball. He has shown the ability to stop the read option, (Which is becoming more of a threat in the modern NFL)  and also the ability to make reads on the move and perform an ends duty, outside contain. By containing the outside, he stops QB roll outs, sweeps, outside zone, reverses, etc. Also, while containing, he makes the most effort possible to deflect passes. (Incompletions are obviously good.) His pass rushing is more speed related, making him a natural sack artist, and he changes his moves to fit whomever he is lining up against. His sacks tend to be legal in the modern NFL, so he isn't a penalty bug, and he has a fair-weather to good attitude. (So he is no Greg Hardy.)

Of course, there are negatives, just like with literally everybody. (Myles Jack's injury concern, VH3's height, Jared Goff's noodle arm, Zeke being a good running back projected in the first round, etc) At Eastern Kentucky, he changed position on the D-Line often throughout the game (Meaning his stance, where he lines up, his role on defense, etc.), and going to the NFL, that will have to change (Maybe not for us though). Another negative of him switching positional play, is he tends to lose his natural burst when lining up in a 2 point stance, and from tape I've seen he has been man handled more often than not. (Especially with right tackles.) He can struggle to overpower a right tackle, and struggle to outrun a left tackle, but only occasionally. His moves are basic at this point, with nothing flashy or unseen, (Mostly being rips, swims, or just running around the dude.) and could be easily stopped by experienced tackles. He also struggles with ‘exotic' blitzes, like cross ups, and can't get to the quarterback. (i.e. he doesn't hit his hole exactly and easily gets blocked)

None of these are major concerns, and could easily be worked on in OTAs, Minicamps, Training Camps, and Preseason. His upside far outweighs the downsides, and he shows football smarts, and the ability to adapt and get better with time. He may not have a big impact year one, but by the time his rookie contract is up, he should be a star.

TL;DR: Noah Spence is the best fit for the Bucs, and will complete our offseason. His positives outweigh his negatives for the Bucs, and his pass rushing ability should put us in wildcard consideration.


2016 BGN Mock Draft Order

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2) Browns (EaglesGenius) - Carson Wentz, QB, North Dakota State - [Explanation]
3) Chargers (StoneColeKiller58) - Jared Goff, QB, Cal - [Explanation]
4) Cowboys (kamjam) - Ezekiel Elliott, RB, Ohio State - [Explanation]
5) Jaguars (drc242) - Jalen Ramsey, DB, Florida State - [Explanation]
6) Ravens (rohan915) - DeForest Buckner, DE, Oregon - [Explanation]
7) 49ers (LAOJoe) - Myles Jack, LB, UCLA - [Explanation]
8) Eagles (slickpablovick) - Ronnie Stanley, OT, Notre Dame - [Explanation]
9) Buccaneers (OneBucFan47) - Noah Spence, DE, Eastern Kentucky - [Explanation]
10) Giants (Paulie97) -
11) Bears (Kiko's Delivery Service) -
12) Saints (kylebruneault) -
13) Dolphins (wildcatlh) -
14) Raiders (Luxury_Used_Vehicles_By_Braman) -
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28) Chiefs (jawmo) -
N/A) Patriots - Cheaters
29) Cardinals (big DUB) - 
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31) Broncos (JALupowitz) -

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