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NFL Draft Rumors: 50% chance Titans trade No. 1 pick and Eagles could be in play

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More trade up rumors.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

There's been a lot of rumors and speculation lately about the possibility of the Philadelphia Eagles trading up in the 2016 NFL Draft. The latest tidbit comes from Peter King of The MMQB, who reports there's a decent chance the Tennessee Titans are willing to part with the No. 1 overall pick.

The Titans, holders of the first pick in the draft, will have a chance to make a deal. The Titans have received significant interest in the pick. I believe it is now 50-50 whether Tennessee will trade it or keep it. Rookie Tennessee GM Jon Robinson is going to have to decide whether to accept an offer—presumably by a team that wants one of the top two quarterbacks in the draft, Carson Wentz of North Dakota State or Cal’s Jared Goff—or to stay at number one and pick a player the Titans believe will be a cornerstone for years to come.

King also mentions the Eagles as one of the teams that could be in play to trade up.

So … do not assume Tennessee is locked into Tunsil. Robinson certainly could take him. But the top of the draft is in flux, and I will not be surprised if in the next three weeks the Titans move the pick for an extra high pick or picks—even though there’s not the Andrew Luck or Marcus Mariota out there to move up and grab. But there are teams like San Francisco or Los Angeles or Philadelphia that might want a quarterback, and might be desperate enough to overpay for the top pick.

This isn't the first time it's been suggested the Eagles could be looking to move up in the NFL Draft. A few weeks ago Robert Klemko named the Eagles as one of four teams in the mix. Meanwhile, at least one NFL executive specifically thinks the Eagles will try to move up to get top quarterback prospect Carson Wentz.

Adding fuel to the fire is the fact that the Eagles, with Chairman and CEO Jeffrey Lurie included, have been touring the country to privately work out and dine the top quarterbacks in this draft class such as Wentz and Jared Goff.

Not everyone is buying the hype, however. One rumor says the Eagles have their eyes on quarterbacks later in the draft. NFL insider Jason La Canfora seems to think the Eagles are being a little too obvious about their interest in quarterback prospects.

Oh yeah, and for similar reasons I believe the Eagles' very overt and very public courtship of every and any quarterback in this draft is essentially the inverse of what the Rams are doing. The Eagles want the world to think they are taking a quarterback to create a further market for someone to trade up to land the second or third quarterback in this draft by trying to convince everyone that they'll go ahead and take a quarterback if you don't move up to do business with them. After paying Sam Bradford and Chase Daniel and being in win-now mode and having other voids to fill and being desperate for draft picks, I get the feeling the Eagles doth portray too much, and the Rams doth pretend we can't see their roster.

I don't know if the Eagles are so desperate to move up as they're potentially being portrayed to be. I do think their interest in quarterbacks isn't a total smokescreen because they have such an obvious long-term need at the position.

If the Eagles do trade up, they'll be in position to get their guy at quarterback. If they don't make a deal, perhaps another team trades up and that means there's a chance a good non-quarterback prospect could fall to the Birds at No. 8.

It'll be interesting to see how Howie Roseman plays this situation. Will he be aggressive in a trade or will he show patience and stay put?