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Eagles News: NFL writer suggests Philadelphia should trade Ryan Mathews to the Dolphins

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Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 4/4/16.

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Let's get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

Glennon to the Jets? Six trades we'd like to see -
When the Eagles and Dolphins were discussing their earlier offseason swap, it would make sense if Miami's Mike Tannenbaum had inquired about Ryan Mathews. The running back would fit nicely next to Jay Ajayi in South Beach. At the time, Eagles executive Howie Roseman was more interested in unloading DeMarco Murray. After saddling the Titans with that contract, Howie let it be known he planned to hang onto Mathews. Ol' Mastermind Roseman, however, was just slow playing his hand. All along he coveted Ezekiel Elliott, the flashy running back out of Ohio State. After Chip Kelly traded away LeSean McCoy, Elliot will refill the missing backfield pizzazz. When Elliot falls to the Eagles at No. 8 -- genius moving up by Howie -- Roseman will be free to put Mathews back on the trade block. After the first round ends on Thursday, April 28, Roseman will immediately call Tannenbaum and the two will hash out a late-night deal to send Mathews to Miami for a conditional third- or fourth-round pick. Philadelphia will throw Roseman a mid-May parade.

Better on the Back End - Iggles Blitz
Pass defense has been an issue in recent years. Howie Roseman, Doug Pederson and Jim Schwartz have all talked about how there is a need for improvement in that area. That’s part of why they gave an extension to Malcolm Jenkins, signed Leodis McKelvin and then gave a big contract to Rodney McLeod. The Eagles have made other moves in recent years, but they tended to be more about adding talent rather than fit. I think the front office is doing a much better job of making smart acquisitions. McKelvin played for Schwartz in Buffalo in 2014. McLeod played in a similar scheme for the Rams and will be asked to do many of the same things.

Podcast Recap: The Case For Ezekiel Elliott -
“I think they would rate him in a position like that, yes,” Hatman said on the latest Journey to the Draft podcast presented by AAA . “Those individuals, Howie (Roseman), Doug (Pederson), they’re not afraid to look a good player in the eye, regardless of position, and identify that. I think they’re aware of positional value, but I think they’re also aware of a unique talent and in my personal opinion, I think Ezekiel Elliott provides a unique talent. “Now, I’m someone that is outspoken about not valuing running backs by comparison to other positions as highly. That comment assumes all players are graded the same. If I had a bunch of players all graded the same, I would take a variety of other positions before I would address running back. In this particular case, I do not see Ezekiel Elliott being graded similar to everybody else in the class. I think he’s in that absolute top tier of players that can be difference-makers.”

Eagles begin offseason workouts as Pederson era truly begins - Inquirer
But the most important part of the next two months could be Pederson learning about his team and the team learning about him. There will be time during training camp and the preseason to form the best idea of who should start, who should make the roster, and who fits where in Pederson's offensive scheme and Jim Schwartz's defensive scheme. The spring is the chance for Pederson to offer a first formal impression.

Eagles draft targets at 8: Hoping Jared Goff makes it? - CSN Philly
Goff made a gradual progression from the time he was a freshman starter to his junior year, his completion percentage and yards per attempt rising every season. That type of development is exactly what you hope to see. It demonstrates coachability and the ability to improve. There are some concerns, however. While Goff finished top five in the nation in passing yards, not to mention first in touchdowns each of the past two years, that was playing in a tempo, spread offense that's heavily reliant on quick passes. Interceptions also rose as a senior, and he takes way too many sacks, 81 over his collegiate career. Finally, if you're one who puts a lot of stock in quarterback wins, 2015 was his first and only winning season, guiding his team to an 8-5 record.

2016 NFL Draft: Which quarterback should the Eagles take? -
Why Jones first? To start, the Eagles could probably get him in the third round, meaning they won't have to use the No. 8 overall pick on a quarterback worth developing.  Jones struggled last season at Ohio State, but he has all of the physical tools to be an elite quarterback in the NFL. The issue with Jones is reading defenses, and if head coach Doug Pederson has any strengths, it should be helping quarterbacks with the mental part of the game.  If Jones a risk? Yes. Is he better than the quarterbacks behind him on this list? No. But when you combine his strong arm, big body, potential, value in the third round and his intangibles, Jones makes the most sense if the Eagles are going to take a quarterback.

Michael Vick feels like he has one more season in his blood - PFT
Vick started three games and played in four overall for Pittsburgh and finished the year 40-of-66 for 371 yards, two touchdowns and an interception. That hasn’t led to any action for him in free agency at this stage and Vick realizes an injury or other unexpected development could be the only thing that changes that landscape. If it does, he says he feels able to answer the call. "I’m 35, about to turn 36," Vick said, via Newport News Daily Press. "I’ve got one more dedicated season in my blood, if somebody needs me to come in. But I’m kind of happy where I am right now."

On Kaepernick, Kelly and the Player Who Could Upend the NFL Draft - The MMQB
MMQB: Biggest lesson learned in the NFL so far?
Kelly: Everybody has got to be on the same page.
MMQB: Players, front office, owner?
Kelly: Everybody, really, but it’s really important with the front office.

Meet Tom Hackett, the best prospect yet in Australia's NFL punter pipeline - SB Nation
Whether the two-time Ray Guy Award winner gets drafted or not, he'll celebrate with beer and get back to work.

Villanova will play in the title game tonight - VU Hoops
All your Villanova coverage needs.

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