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NFL Draft 2016: Best Players Remaining for Day 3

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What's left over for the Eagles?

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Day two is over and the Philadelphia Eagles took a guard! Yay! Now the real fun starts on day three where the Eagles have five picks. Still in need of a spark on offense, do the Eagles make a move for one of these running backs or wide receivers?


  1. Connor Cook, Michigan State
  2. Vernon Adams, Oregon
  3. Cardale Jones, OSU
Running Back
  1. Kenneth Dixon, LaTech
  2. Paul Perkins, UCLA
  3. Alex Collins, Arkansas

Wide Receiver
  1. Keyarris Garrett, Tulsa
  2. Malcolm Mitchell, UGA
  3. Daniel Braverman, WMU
Tight End
  1. Stephen Anderson, Cal
  2. Jerrel Adams, South Carolina
  3. Thomas Duarte, UCLA
Offensive Tackle
  1. Jerald Hawkins, LSU
  2. Tyler Johnstone, Oregon
  3. Joe Haeg, NDSU
Interior Offensive Line
  1. Christian Westerman, ASU
  2. Connor McGovern, Mizzou
  3. Evan Bohem, Mizzou
Interior Defensive Line
  1. Andrew Billings, Baylor
  2. Hassan Ridgeway, Texas
  3. Maliek Collins, Nebraska
  1. Charles Tapper, OU
  2. Dean Lowry, Northwestern
  3. Victor Ochi, Stony Brook
  1. Joshua Perry, OSU
  2. Travis Feeney, Washington
  3. Steven Daniels, BC
  1. Tavon Young, Temple
  2. Harlan Miller, Southeastern Louisiana
  3. Eric Murray, Minnesota
  1. Jeremy Cash, Duke
  2. Deon Bush, Miami
  3. KJ Dillon


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