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Former Eagles player sings funny song about wanting another shot in the NFL (VIDEO)

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Someone needs to sign this guy.

Emmanuel Acho has been a free agent ever since the Eagles released him in late November last year. Unfortunately for Acho, he hasn't really received any interest from NFL teams since then. So in a good use of his free time, Acho recently performed a funny song (based on John Legend's "All of Me") about wanting another shot in the NFL. Check it out:

How many times do I have to tell you /
Even when your deflated you're beautiful too /
I'm just waiting around /
For a sound, from you know who /
AFC North, East or West, it could be /
Or the South, there's hospitality /
I can't stop dreaming and thinking of who might sign me /
My phones still not ringing, is my service fine /
I just checked Twitter, another linebacker signed.

Buz all of me, loves all of you /
Maybe Houston or the Colts /
If only I was as fast as Usain Bolt /
Give a call to me /
I'll give my all for you /
Any team don't really care /
Maybe my brother can get me a job with the Bears /
One Acho is good, but better are two /
Just want to see my name on ESPN News /
..... and Twitter too

This video isn't the first time Acho has gone viral on the web. Last year he caught everyone's attention by losing a bet to a high school student and taking her to her prom. What a nice guy.

Here's hoping Acho gets another shot in the NFL. At the very least, the 25-year-old linebacker surely belongs on some team's 90-man offseason roster. Heck, even the Eagles could use some more linebacker depth.