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NFL Draft 2016 live results: Picks, trades, rumors, and more for Day 2

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It's Day 2 of the 2016 NFL Draft and we are back with another live blog!

Jon Durr/Getty Images

Welcome to Bleeding Green Nation's 2016 NFL Draft live blog! This feature will host constant updates regarding draft rumors, trade updates, hot takes and more, while also serving as an open thread for discussion. The Philadelphia Eagles are currently set to pick at No. 79 overall. That's their only pick on Day 2 (barring a trade). Stay tuned to Bleeding Green Nation for the latest regarding Eagles moves and others made around the league.

[UPDATE: 9:23 PM ET] The Buccaneers drafted a kicker. No, sorry, they TRADED UP for a kicker. OK then!

[UPDATE: 8:50 PM ET] The Jets just took Christian Hackenberg at No. 51. New York reportedly wasn't interested in Sam Bradford anyway, but this certainly can't help his market (which actually doesn't exist anyway).

[UPDATE: 8:17 PM ET] Tennessee takes running back Derrick Henry at No. 45. Do you think Bradford's buddy DeMarco Murray is going to hold out for a trade now?

[UPDATE: 8:04 PM ET] The Titans drafted Penn State defensive lineman Austin Johnson at No. 43 overall. That's the pick the Eagles would have owned if Chip Kelly didn't trade it away for the quarterback currently skipping work after getting paid $5.5 million two months ago.

[UPDATE: 7:32 PM ET] Speaking of Myles Jack ... the Jaguars end up taking him at No. 36. The MylesJacksonville Jaguars.

[UPDATE: 7:23 PM ET] Dallas misses out on another target of theirs: Kevin Dodd. But then they go with ... Jaylon Smith! The Notre Dame linebacker is talented but there are serious concerns about his injury and he probably won't play in 2016. Who expected to see Smith go off the board before Myles Jack?

[UPDATE: 7:16 PM ET] The Browns make the first pick of the second round and it's Emmanuel Ogbah. The Cowboys reportedly wanted him. Dallas loses out on another target.

[UPDATE: 6:51 PM ET] Oh, I forgot to mention that Bennie Logan is set to announce the Eagles' third round pick. That could be awkward if it's another defensive lineman ...

[UPDATE: 6:49 PM ET] Hey everyone, BLG here. Adam Hermann won't be here to start because he's working on some Carson Wentz articles after attending his press conference today. The Eagles only have one pick tonight (No. 79) and it's scheduled to take place at 11:59 PM so it's going to be a long wait. Stick it out with us here.