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NFL Mock Draft 2016: Eagles pick an offensive lineman in Round 3

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Friday means that it is Day 2 of the 2016 NFL Draft. The second round starts at 7 PM EST.

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If you thought mock drafts were over just because the 2016 NFL Draft started yesterday, THINK AGAIN. Now it's time for a Day 2 mock draft. C'mon, we know deep down that you really enjoy this.

The Philadelphia Eagles currently only have one pick on Day 2 and it's set to take place at No. 79 overall. That means the Birds will have to wait a good five hours or so until they're on the clock. There will be a lot of time to kill so you might as well just enjoy reading this mock draft picks for the Eagles. The first one comes from

79. Philadelphia Eagles: Caleb Benenoch, OL, UCLA

Benenoch is a player that Mike Mayock named as a potential Eagles target last week. He's 21 years old and measures in at 6-5, 305 pounds. He has experience at both guard and right tackle. Here's a scouting report.

Athletic prospect with some roster value as a tackle or guard, but concerns about his play strength could be an issue at either spot. Benenoch's tape at guard may have been better than his tackle tape, but moving inside requires more mass and power. Benenoch has the makeup of an NFL backup with potential to work into a lineup for a zone­-scheme team.

Benenoch is one of the fastest offensive lineman from this year's draft class. Just check out his spider graph:

Benenoch would likely be a backup in the short-term with the hope he could grow into a starting role in the future.

Another Eagles target at No. 79 could be a defensive back. Via Bleacher Report:

Sean Davis is a fairly interesting prospect from Maryland. When you watch his film, it screams "safety," based on some inefficiencies in his game. This offseason, though, he tested well enough to expect a team to try him out at cornerback before moving him to the middle of the field.

When you look at the contracts being given to elite safeties compared to elite cornerbacks, you can tell how much the NFL values the position. Davis may be an above-average safety prospect, but he has the chance of flopping as an outside cornerback. As long as you have a plan in case he hits or misses outside, he's worthy of taking a hard swing at in Day 2. The NFL as a whole needs more athletic defensive backs.

BGN draft writer Ben Natan is a big fan of Davis. He wrote about him earlier today:

Despite giving Nolan Carroll a deal, the team should still be thinking about upgrading the cornerback spot across from Eric Rowe for the long term. Sean Davis is long, athletic and very physical and would pair perfectly with Eric Rowe.

It's scary how similar Davis and Rowe are from a physical standpoint. Their similarity rating is at 99%. Take a look for yourself:

So do you like these picks? Who do YOU want the Eagles to take?