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Undeniable proof that Carson Wentz will lead the Eagles to their first Super Bowl win

It's that simple.

Jon Durr/Getty Images

A lot has been made of how playing at a lower level of competition is one of Carson Wentz's biggest weaknesses. There's been concern about how he'll adjust to the NFL. As it turns out, however, playing at the NCAA Division I FCS level might not be a problem at all. History shows us quite the opposite. Interesting note here by Adrian Fedkiw over at PhillyInfluencer.

Five non-FBS quarterbacks have been taken in the first round since 1978: Doug Williams (17th, 1978), Phil Simms (7th, 1979), Ken O’Brien (24th, 1983), Steve McNair (3rd, 1995) and Joe Flacco (18th, 2008). Three of those guys won a Super Bowl and another was a yard short of potentially winning one. O’Brien was the only one to not play in a Super Bowl, but he wasn’t an FCS quarterback.

So every FCS quarterback who has been drafted in the first round over the last 38 years has at least made it to the big game.

Boom. So there you have it, Wentz is guaranteed to at least take the Eagles to the Super Bowl. That's how this works, right?

The Eagles are sure hoping this FCS quarterback trend continues. They gave up a lot of picks to get Wentz so they clearly believe in him.

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