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2016 NFL Draft Grades: Eagles' selection of Carson Wentz earns praise from experts

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The first round of the 2016 NFL Draft is complete which means it's time to over-analyze the picks before they've set foot on the field. It's time for NFL Draft grades.

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One of the best and worst parts about the NFL Draft is the immediate overreaction to the entire process. NFL draft grades are a strange thing. They're completely meaningless and arbitrary. It often takes several years to be able to judge a full draft class. Yet, here we are, giving out grades less than 24 hours after the picks are even made. People have a need for instant gratification.

Philadelphia Eagles seem to like what the Eagles have done in the draft so far. With nearly 3200 votes cast, 90% of Eagles fans say they approve of the selection. Compare that to 80% approval rating for Nelson Agholor last year or the 65% approval rate of Marcus Smith from the 2014 NFL Draft.

I'd personally give the Eagles a B+ or A- for the pick. Though I hardly think his success is guaranteed, I do think there are a number of reasons to be optimistic about Wentz. Taking a shot on a potential franchise quarterback is worth it.

Now for more hot takes and draft grades from "experts" around the web.

Sports Illustrated - (A)

"Don’t debit Wentz because he played in the Missouri Valley Football Conference—he’s more NFL-ready than you may think. He has great mobility, the size to run QB power like Cam Newton and a full read palette that belies his small-school history. The Eagles got the second quarterback in this draft class, but in the end, they may well have selected the better one overall. Think Ben Roethlisberger as a long-term comparison."

Pro Football Focus - (A-)

"Making a power move of their own, the Philadelphia Eagles are looking to find their quarterback as well and they’ve gone all-in on North Dakota State’s Carson Wentz. Even with Sam Bradford re-signing and the signing of Chase Daniel, the Eagles felt that Wentz was worth trading a plethora of future picks. Wentz graded as well as any quarterback in the class, though he did it at the FCS level with a strong supporting cast. He throws a beautiful deep out and comeback route, showing off his great velocity. With his big arm, he can develop in a vertical passing system that features his ability to make big throws in the 15-25 yard range, picking up big chunks at a time. There are a few concerns to his game – timing in the passing game, not going through progressions and deep accuracy – but the overall tools were too much to pass up for the Eagles. Wentz is going to a good situation with a coaching staff that has developed many different styles of quarterback, so if any staff can get the most out of his ability, it’s this group in Philadelphia."

SB Nation - (B)

"There is a real risk with Wentz. Obviously taking him second overall, you assume the best. You assume he's going to be the franchise quarterback who leads the Eagles to the playoffs consistently. You assume his impressive tools will translate to the NFL. But you also have to assume he can transition from the FCS level where he had limited starting experience. Similar to the Rams' grade, this one gets knocked a touch because of the amount of picks the Eagles had to give up to move up six spots in the draft. Still, if you're giving up that many picks, you do it for a quarterback you think can be a star."

Yahoo - (B)

"The impressive Wentz won two titles as a starter at the FCS level and has everything you want in a quarterback physically. He also is a mature, grounded person, and that will serve him well in a tough town. There's a crowd at QB with the Eagles, but if he's the best man for the job it will all sort out in time. It's a long road from Fargo to Philly, but if there's ever a town that can embrace the underdog."

CBS Sports - (B-)

"I love the move up to get the passer, but I don't like Wentz as much as others."

Bleacher Report - (C+)

"Wentz is a tall small-school guy with a great arm, excellent long-range accuracy and decent athleticism. The 6'5", 237-pounder played in a non-gimmicky offense against competition just a rung below mid-majors, but he still faces a steep ramp-up to NFL competition, and his short accuracy, footwork and pocket presence all need refinement." - (C)

"The Eagles are gambling big (gave up CB Byron Maxwell, LB Kiko Alonso, 2017 first-round pick, two top-100 picks this year, 2018 second-rounder) on the ability of Carson Wentz to become a legitimate top-tier starter. We'll see."

ESPN - (Thumbs up)

"To be clear, the Eagles deserve credit for taking chances here, trading away draft picks and players to move up for a chance at a franchise quarterback. There was nothing safe about it. Will Wentz be The Man in Philadelphia? We’ll find out."