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NFL Draft Results: Broncos draft Paxton Lynch, Eagles stuck with Sam Bradford

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Elsa/Getty Images

The Denver Broncos moved up in the first round of the 2016 NFL Draft, and in doing so, closed the door on a possible trade with the Eagles. The Broncos moved up to the 26th pick, drafting Memphis quarterback Paxton Lynch. That move essentially eliminates Denver from the Sam Bradford "sweepstakes," such as they were.

The Broncos were the only team connected to Bradford, though those rumors were hardly anything substantial. Though Denver reached out to Howie Roseman about the quarterback, talks never really went anywhere. In the hours before the draft started, ESPN's Adam Schefter reported that a trade between the teams wasn't likely. And after Denver traded up, he tweeted that the Bradford dream was dead.

With no likely destination for Bradford, it will be interesting to see what his camp does next. Tom Condon, who represents Bradford, has been on the PR warpath lately, coming up with a litany of reasons the Eagles should get rid of their quarterback. Recently, Condon said the Eagles should have shared their plans to move up to the second pick with Bradford.

Will Bradford show up to camp? Will another team come out of the woodwork and look to make a deal for Bradford? It remains to be seen (and unlikely), but now we at least know that Denver won't be the destination.